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open 221036 jremillard

HCT Trail here

almost 2 years ago 4 months ago
closed 8035 jremillard

National Seashore boundary is wrong here, update with MassGIS parcel image layer.

about 3 years ago 4 months ago
open 36943 jremillard

Missing a bunch of shops in the mill

almost 3 years ago 5 months ago
closed 41975 jremillard

Note sure if these service roads are correct. Bing images are poor.

almost 3 years ago 6 months ago
closed 53559 jremillard

Not sure how this service roads connects to Depot Street.

almost 3 years ago 6 months ago
closed 212099 Echo Echo

Housing development in progress. Road will be attaching to Great Road and going quite far back

almost 2 years ago 7 months ago
closed 182042 Echo Echo

This area is currently being cleared. Looks like a housing development will be going in

about 2 years ago 7 months ago
closed 428241

bounds: (41.8732,-68.345 - 41.866,-68.3242)
Map is missing data here. All there is on the "map" is a blue background with NO MAP. When I go to "edit map", that is also all that shows.

11 months ago 8 months ago
closed 101836 ejcaaaaa

Brandnewbie here. Please be gentle.
I can id the dotted line which doesn't seem to to be explained anywhere on the map. Also the green shaded areas seem wrong. What to do?

over 2 years ago 8 months ago
open 469123 jremillard

Missing Trails in this area. Need to survey.

8 months ago 8 months ago

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