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Love! over 2 years ago

Aerial photos should be aligned to GPS traces made in the area. Preferably multiple traces so you can take an average of them. In JOSM you can enable a checkbox to also download any GPS traces when you download data for an area.

Relevant links:

update over 2 years ago

Consider adding addresses using address interpolation ways as an interim solution. Better to have something than nothing. :)

Route planner project and OSM over 2 years ago

Wow, any chance of a beta for Sweden too? Or could you at least include Skåne (Scania) in the DK site. Denmark/Skåne… same difference. ;)

Route planner project and OSM over 2 years ago

Any interest in data from "across the bridge"? ;)

Lund should be more than OK, but I know there are some missing cycleways in Malmö and cycle tagging of the footways etc in the railway stations is mostly missing.

How delete account over 2 years ago

Send an email to, just as it says in the FAQ.

The Three Stigmata of Potlatch Edits over 2 years ago

… also, P2 shouldn't allow any editing until all data in an area has loaded.

Mapping Trees in Gulu, Uganda over 2 years ago

No need to go through the validator process, just use search with the following criteria: type:node AND tags:0 AND id:0

Where's the water.. ? over 2 years ago

… ah, I see that there is a "new" proposal/scheme for natural=water+water=river. Oh well.

Where's the water.. ? over 2 years ago

waterway=riverbank is the correct way to tag large rivers:

Where's the water.. ? over 2 years ago

I'm not able to edit right now, but one thing to correct is to make it a multipolygon and add the islands as inner members. I also don't know why the way has layer=-2. It should also be waterway=riverbank and not natural=water.

Åkte en cykeltur igår i Valdemarsvik over 2 years ago

Fint, Valdemarsvik ser ut att behöva någon aktiv som fixar till det. Hoppas du även sätter in restauranger, barer, hotell etc (med addr:, website, contact: etc också) när vägnätet börjar bli mer komplett. Har märkt att sådan info är bra att ha när man leker turist. :)

Vågsbygd has never looked better :) over 2 years ago

Yeah, I think they are in meters. There are quite a lot of old traces around the railway station and the nearby junction that I used to approximate the offset. Good luck with the remapping. :)

how to search for user's edits in josm. over 2 years ago

Easier to use to find redactions. ;)

Vågsbygd has never looked better :) over 2 years ago

Nice! Looked a bit scary on OSMI license view before the redaction. I just hope you are calibrating the Bing images. Looks to be quite a bit offset. [10.16; -2.28] looks like a good value, in JOSM, around the railway station but I guess the offset varies a bit.

Öppen inbjudan från nybörjare till veteran almost 3 years ago

Kan vara bra att fråga på mailinlistan: eller IRC: ( också. Vet inte om så många svenska mappar läser dagboksinläggen. :)

UK map about 3 years ago

Good way to check what's affected is,wtfe_point_clean,wtfe_line_clean,wtfe_point_harmless,wtfe_line_harmless,wtfe_point_inrelation,wtfe_line_inrelation_cp,wtfe_line_inrelation,wtfe_point_modified,wtfe_line_modified_cp,wtfe_line_modified,wtfe_point_created,wtfe_line_created_cp,wtfe_line_created

New to OpenStreetMap about 3 years ago

Yeah, is a good starting point. It's also good to look at how things have been mapped at other locations. Subscribing to the local/country mailing list ( is also a good idea and good place to ask questions.

As we say in Sweden: hurry slowly. :)

a Third of my town done over 3 years ago

Good job!

OSM/OSMF has become a farce over 3 years ago

The biggest problem to me is that no one really know what will disappear yet as the rules haven't been set. Will a 4 year old "highway=road" cerated by an undecided/rejected/anonymous user, that was way of the mark, and that I've since moved, refined, retagged etc be removed? Sucks if I put a lot of work into an area and it will all be gone just because the initial useless stub was created by a rejecting/undecided/anonymous user. Same thing with extending a very very short initial road (few meters) and mapping it for several km. Will this be removed even though the initial stub was more or less useless?

I saw an algoritm posted as a comment on the OSMF blog that would at least preserve "legal" edits. Is this going to be used. The uncertainty of what is really going to happen sucks.

Put state ID in small town names over 3 years ago

Yeah, looks like Nominatim is pretty broken still. Last update: 2011/08/19. :D