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railway main line tagging about 1 year ago

controversial hopefully means that we can strain for a useful solution. This is in my opinion of course not tagging tracks=n for telling that there are n-1 undrawn tracks. This should be looked up by the mapper using the osm-editor. If I map 60 buildings in a villiage which has alltogether 100 buildings I just leave the remaining 40 for someone else or a later time maybe leaving a note or fixme.

The numer of tracks of a railway line I find very meaningful and there are many examples in Great Britain or Sweden where the tag is used to mark tracks as belonging together to the same railway line.

As a side effect it can of course substitute a not drawn second track. Drawing this can be very boring and time consuming particularly in areas where nobody might zoom in so far that the second track can be distinguished. In contrast the above mentioned ITO-map provides information which can hardly be found anywhere else.