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OWL/History Tab Beta are back + UI feedback/ideas needed! about 1 year ago

I'm still amazed that OWL is now actually showing detailed changes.

Also excited to hear about plans for vector tiles.

What are the plans for the OWL Viewer? When I first saw it showing change geometries, I thought there might be some synergies with the Augmented Change Viewer I'm working on. But after the switch to Leaflet I'm not so sure anymore.

Schilderkennung – erster Erfolg about 1 year ago

Hast Du Dir mal das GSoC Projekt "Video Based Speed Limit and Road Sign Detector plugin for JOSM" angeschaut? Evtl. kannst Du ja darauf aufbauen oder was davon verwenden.

Potlach 2 funktioniert bei Firefox nicht over 2 years ago

Evtl. hilft es, das Flash Plugin zu aktualisieren, da wurde kürzlich was geändert:

"Potlatch 2 now requires Flash Player 10"