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Viewing OpenStreetMap tiles in GL 3 months ago

Update: issue #4552 is fixed in Release v0.44.0.

Viewing OpenStreetMap tiles in GL 4 months ago

Thanks for the example. Nice gimmick transitioning the saturation.

  • The OSM tiles are raster which are rendered at discrete zoom levels, but the GL interface allows for smooth scrolling. The result might be slightly blurry tiles and may not be as crisp as viewing them in Leaflet.

Not sure if above quote is implying this: not only scaled tiles at fractional zooms are blurry as expected, but currently on some environments also at discrete zoom levels, see issue #4552 Raster tiles aren't perfectly crisp at integer zoom levels.

Achavi Helper Website 5 months ago

Drag & drop of a changeset URL works for me with Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu (but might not work this way on mobile).

Given achavi already open in a separate window and a link to an changeset, e.g.

It might be useful to also add OSMCha and changeset-map to your page:

Visualizing Turn Restrictions 8 months ago

There is also still the Map of Turn Restrictions by Zartbitter, it just moved to a new location (formerly at I updated the link at Relation:restriction > Tools.

Facebook using OpenStreetMap for Japan over 2 years ago


Facebook using OpenStreetMap for Japan over 2 years ago

See also

Thoughts on a better heat map for OSM changes over 2 years ago

I fear there is no easy solution.

Haven't used any of this, just some ideas:

  1. tippecanoe to aggragate/simplify into vector tiles
  2. full history planet has all versions of an object (version="1" = added, visible="false" = deleted). Osmium library can read the history planet, e.g. by:
  3. maybe a public WMS server has a projection you like, OpenLayers 3 gets client-side raster reprojection
Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) almost 4 years ago

You can see how geometries changed by comparing old (dark, brownish red) and new (green) geometries (see legend). Highlighting only the changed segments is not implemented yet. Turning the "changes" layer off and on might help. For ways, added, deleted or moved nodes are shown. You might need to zoom in as nodes and old geometries are not shown on lower zoom levels for perfomance reasons.

Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) almost 4 years ago

Yes, it can handle and visualize deletes and delete-only changesets (example).

The problem with regular OSM data is that deleted elements are not included (only in full history planet) and regular diffs (OsmChange format) have delete information but without geometry (node lat/lon or way nodes are missing).

For the server part, achavi is relying on the Overpass API - where all the hard work is done - and it's Augmented_Diffs (now using the adiff query) that contain the old version with geometry for modified and deleted objects.

The previous Overpass version created augmented diff files by gathering the state of all changed objects before applying the minutely diffs. The new Overpass attic feature keeps a complete version history since the license change and creates augmented diffs on-the-fly.

Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) almost 4 years ago

Yes, "changed geometry" is one of the main missing features, that's what I meant with "highlight only changed segments" in the Future section.

I have no idea how many changesets it can handle, but OpenLayers 2.x is not good at handling many features, that's one reason why there is the OL3 rewrite. The idea is to switch to Leaflet, but not highest priority right now. Reading from planet.osm is not really supported, Overpass augmented diff is the only format that will be supported.

I have set a loading limit of 50M characters because larger XML files were crashing the Browser, there will be a console error when reached.

Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer) almost 4 years ago

RSS would need to be provided by a separate service, as achavi is a pure client-side JS project relying on the Overpass API. And Overpass API doesn't have changeset meta data yet (I'm using the OSM API for the single changeset feature), so changeset comments would be a missing piece for RSS and in comparison to the OWL history list.

Also, I wouldn't say "completely replace" as OWL was meant to be integrated into which achavi clearly is not. But I guess it can serve the same purpose, just with a different approach.

OWL/History Tab Beta are back + UI feedback/ideas needed! about 5 years ago

I'm still amazed that OWL is now actually showing detailed changes.

Also excited to hear about plans for vector tiles.

What are the plans for the OWL Viewer? When I first saw it showing change geometries, I thought there might be some synergies with the Augmented Change Viewer I'm working on. But after the switch to Leaflet I'm not so sure anymore.

Schilderkennung – erster Erfolg about 5 years ago

Hast Du Dir mal das GSoC Projekt "Video Based Speed Limit and Road Sign Detector plugin for JOSM" angeschaut? Evtl. kannst Du ja darauf aufbauen oder was davon verwenden.

Potlach 2 funktioniert bei Firefox nicht over 6 years ago

Evtl. hilft es, das Flash Plugin zu aktualisieren, da wurde kürzlich was geändert:

"Potlatch 2 now requires Flash Player 10"