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Project: Puerto Rico TIGER Fixup

Posted by igeopr on 19 February 2014 in English (English)

Hey people just announcing details about a new project ...happy mapping!


This project is about an island-wide mapping effort for fixing and updating PR's roads to better reflect reality. Most of the island's roads are from a US Census TIGER data set which was primarily updated for the 2000 census and thus need to be fixed and updated. TIGER roads are known for having good connectivity but not the best positional accuracy. On top of that, there's a widespread amount of roads that in reality don't exist and incorrect usage of the "highway=track" tag. Learn more about the nature of TIGER roads in OSM and their issues: TIGER fixup.

Although it's a fair amount of manual work since the whole island is to be covered, the project's scope is not that ambitious since it only involves a partial review of roads (instead of a full review which requires ground knowledge). This means roads will be modified, removed, or added with just the help of aerial imagery and 2013 TIGER roads. It will still be up to other mappers with ground knowledge to do a full review and remove "tiger:reviewed=no" tags.

In the end, the project's result will be something awesome: a detailed, updated, high-quality, and public domain roads data set which is updatable by any mapper.

Project Wiki

Please refer to this wiki if you want to learn about the project's Phases and what exactly is being done. Contributors are welcomed!

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