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Wrong Postcodes in The Netherlands about 4 years ago

you can change the postal codes by editing it (within the area that has the "3903" postal code)

Housenumbers and privacy, the sequel/possible epilogue over 4 years ago

Sorry for the late reply.

I don't usually document housenumbers using a camera.

Housenumbers and privacy, the sequel/possible epilogue over 4 years ago

I'm talking about housenumber documentation paranoia, not Panoramafreiheit.

Non-legalese version of the contributor terms over 4 years ago

And there should be an option where you can "choose" your license. (Suggested licenses are ODbL 1.0, DbCL 1.0, CC BY-SA (2.0, 2.5, 3.0) and PD. You can choose to dual or multi-license your edits/contributions unless want your edits to be part of the Public domain or the "let the foundation decide that for me" license)

Non-legalese version of the contributor terms over 4 years ago

It should be "anything", not "anyhing". And there should be a "Message too long? Click here" link for those who are stumped with those "big words"

Housenumbers and privacy over 4 years ago

I assume that the person is running for a local post in Los Baños. To play safe, I won't upload the waypoints/traces that contain the offending waypoint (until we make amends or the concerned person forgets the incident in 2-4 months time)

Housenumbers and privacy over 4 years ago

Thanks, Gnonthgol and JohnSmith.

spam in diary over 4 years ago

Content or user no longer exist. Apparently, spam was removed.

Papé Beltway in the news over 4 years ago

@daveemtb I also use name= and old_name=, but that doesn't cause that much controversy IRL. For example:, which happened over a year ago.

Papé Beltway in the news over 4 years ago is the link. If they want to change it, might as well tag name=Eugene Beltline Road/Randy Papé Beltway; old_name=Belt Line Road; new_name=Randy Papé Beltway to solve that problem (or not)

Routing in cdauth’s map over 4 years ago

It also works on IE7 as well (sort of)

New to this mapping thing... over 4 years ago

You can't use data from Google maps here.

Resort over 4 years ago

Try tourism=hotel, resort=yes. If it was close to the shore, I would have tagged it as natural=beach.

Polo Obando Bulacan Balagtas Bocaue Meycauayan Marilao almost 5 years ago

sorry for screwing up some of your edits. if need help, you can email me.

Caramoan almost 5 years ago

Caramoan is known by some people because of the French adaptation/version of Survivor.

Revised scheme for trails in Middlesex Fells, Mass., USA almost 5 years ago

If ia footway/path has a "no trespassing" sign, use access=private instead. access=no is used when the footway/path is barricaded (and no one can pass through that barricade).

No bugzilla almost 5 years ago

you can use, that *our* version of bugzilla, or something like that.

abandoned no more almost 5 years ago

What else is new? The buildings have a different shade. Or have a different color altogether (from chocolate-ish brown to something close to a mixture of gray, brown and black).

How to change Google Maps to OSM globally almost 5 years ago

it may not work at first, but once you press the refresh/reload button after doing that (adding the line for the /etc/hosts file), the map transforms - from the Google one to the OSM one. Sometimes, the layers (and transitioning) are a bit different from what you might expect. Other than that, good job.

A lot of new contributors in the Philippines almost 5 years ago

I've welcomed a new mapper named "Pufferfish". Gave him some tips, and invited him to join the mailing list. It's a good start, that's for sure. Maybe we need to make a "survey" for our new mappers.