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Posted by ianlopez1115 on 18 August 2009 in English (English)

Since I got "lost" last June, I decided not to map some places without some sort of supervision. However, I think that now is the time to "get lost" for a bit since I'm not getting that much exercise that I needed (and the information that OSM needs - in my opinion)

The first time that I traced without any supervision was last August 14, when I managed to trace a road named "Daang Kalabaw", and a nearby residential area in Los Baños (here). On that day, I mapped some alleys and footways as well . The problem is that there are some motorcycles parked on those alleys (safety is no problem this time). Is it safe to add motorcycle=yes on a footway just because a motorcycle is parked and/or is found moving along the footway?

My other plans to map spontaneously (at that time) were temporarily interrupted, as I had to join my father and his friend in buying some car parts for their common friend. However, this did not stop me from making a few more edits in the Banaue, Quezon City area with the help of my GT-31. Sadly, there are too many car parts shops to add (and not enough time to take notes in the area, as I was busy chatting with my father's friend).

The good news, is that I have managed to check for new developments along the President Sergio Osmeña Highway (a. k. a. the South Luzon Expressway, South Superhighway, etc.) between Alabang and Makati (some construction sites have turned into commercial and retail areas, a bit of landuse was added, plus some toilets, and the "SKYWAY" project has already reached the Intercity Subdivision entrance, though signs of construction were seen virtually at the northern end of the Alabang Viaduct), and I've managed to add some more details between the EDSA-Magallanes interchange and Banaue, Quezon City (like oneway restrictions and a surveillance camera).

The last two days are a bit interesting - I had to avoid moving vehicles in both circumstances. Yesterday, I was planning to find the southern limits of a residential compound (near the railway), but I decided instead to trace a portion of the railway tracks. However, I found another alley, which leads to a nearby residential area. And since it is a residential area, it means street names (since there are none as of now) and my personal favorite - housenumbers.

Today was a total mess - I had to endure a woman who was yakking at the jeepney driver over some family and financial dispute. Unfortunately, this meant that my plans to map another part of downtown San Pablo City were unfortunately altered. At that point, I decided to leave the jeepney in a place where I wasn't supposed to be. Anyway, I decided to get more street names and take down more housenumbers. When you click "map" and zoom it to 16-18, you've seen the place where I've been to "get" some housenumbers. On Pilar Street, I had to "go back" twice since I have got some housenumbers incorrectly. This was obviously solved, and I was on my way home when I completed taking a few more housenumbers on F. Mariño Street.

So far, I haven't uploaded the traces from the last two "trips" since I'm "busy" turning my latest tracks and waypoints into usable OSM data. Hopefully, I'll get to map a few more places a bit close but not too far from my house, so that no one will raise suspicion about my whereabouts (and hope that no one will bother the driver in the daily commutes to and fro San Pablo and Los Baños).

That experience in Los Baños taught me some lessons. But time will tell if I have learned from it.

Location: Mariño Subdivision, San Lucas 1, San Pablo, Laguna, Calabarzon, 4000, Philippines

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