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Ground Zero of ARPANet, Grandfather of the Internet (OSM's Platform) 25 days ago

The binary translates to ARPANET.

For the newbies: Let us map using StreetComplete about 1 month ago

StreetComplete is great, but it was not developed by Mapzen. It simply uses Mapzen vector tiles for display.

How to revert an edit 5 months ago

I reverted it with the JOSM Reverter plugin and uploaded it in

Another walking site using OSM 8 months ago

I suggest you use their contact or forum pages to politely ask them to add proper attribution.

Hello, OSM. 8 months ago

Hi Andrew! Thanks for joining us! now supports internationalization, geolocation in browser 11 months ago

Thanks for the pull requests! I'm looking forward to the changes you're making.

iD with modules 🔜 over 1 year ago

This is great, thanks for all the work making these changes!

Broadway Alley, NYC about 2 years ago

The Magic MapRoulette Machine about 3 years ago

This is awesome, Martijn! Super easy way to get started and will be really helpful for mapping parties.

Attribution and all that (a rant) about 4 years ago

My guess is that OSM does a horrible job leading by example. There's no easily-accessible or discoverable (via a Google search) tutorial describing how to use the popular map javascript APIs.

We could also do a better job seeking out the authors of tutorials that get used currently to make sure their tutorials follow the rules.

... or we could do a better job at recruiting and keeping mappers. Personally, I don't think attribution on a map is a great way to do that.

Why so many old, unresolved bugs in Mapnik? over 4 years ago

I will volunteer for the OSM bug posse but I refuse to volunteer to fix stylesheet bugs.

Making OSM data mor compact over 4 years ago

Removing data simply because you think it takes up too much space is "mapping for the renderer" and we don't want to do that. Make the data accurate and post-process it if you feel it's taking up too much space.

What a fantastic State of the Map US over 4 years ago

Good to see you Mikel! This is an excellent reminder of all the stuff we talked about. Thanks for the great summary!

Removed. about 5 years ago

We don't need a grant to do it, we need people to propose concrete changes, make them, and submit pull requests. The code is right here.

If, like me, you think that's a big step, you should bring the topic up on the dev@ or rails-dev@ mailing lists. It's been talked about several times before, but perhaps it would be healthy to mention again.

Can someone explain this routing problem? over 5 years ago

Looks like it's fixed now.

Signed up over 5 years ago

Welcome to OSM! I'm sure you'll have fun and learn lots of new things. Feel free to send me a message via this interface or chat with us on IRC.

Confused Beginner over 5 years ago

Welcome to OSM! I'm glad your first reaction was to hop in and give it a try. The great thing about OSM is that there's always someone available to help you if you feel like you've done something wrong, so keep experimenting and adding detail to the map. The list of your edits so far look perfect: exactly the thing OSM needs.

As it turns out, I live over in Evanston and am planning on having a get-together in downtown Chicago sometime in the next couple weeks with a few other local mappers. Would you be interested in such a thing? I'll probably have it at 1871 in the Merchandise Mart just north of the loop. You could get there pretty easily on the Metra.

WOF#6. OSM is no more small business over 5 years ago

(Your English is obviously better than you show here. These posts would convey a lot more if you stopped using a faux German/English mix.)

You begin your post with a picture and by saying "It is big problem." Can you be more clear about what you view the problem to be? I'm assuming you see some conflict of interest in our OSMF board members? If you see such a conflict, then run against them or convince others to replace them.

Having a diverse group of board members is a good thing. Each of them are members of the community in various ways while at the same time some of them are using OSM data in their business. This isn't a bad thing.

I could do with a helping hand almost 6 years ago

Have you tried looking through the videos that people have made to describe how to use OpenStreetMap? Try looking through some of these videos. Emacsen's videos near the top of the page are particularly helpful.

Is the updating slowing down? almost 6 years ago

You want to look at this graph in particular. Usually those values are in the 0-100 range and as you can see the "dirty queue" is very high. This is usually from someone uploading large amounts of data or making changes to an object that touches a wide area on the map.

Another possibility is that your browser is caching older tiles. Try clearing your browser's cache and/or restarting it to force new tiles to be fetched.