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Introducing OpenStreetView over 1 year ago

@mvexel @jesolem I would like to be able to upload photos taken with each app to both Mapillary and OSV. It's not practical for me to manage 2 phones recording images each for it's destination. I'm going to keep taking pictures on my trips, and I'll try to upload to both services if possible. Please Mapillary and OSV, find a way to cooperate ;)

OSMAND coming along nicely over 5 years ago

nmixter I agree with you.

Tric, does OsmPad uplaod address poi direct to OSM or only localy? Point in this is that OsmAnd can create poi directly in OSM, but is complicated to use in current user interface.

Blue Posts and lots of upcoming events over 5 years ago

Yes, I meant 2013. :D We are in Wales 14-19.01 and in London 19-20.01. so we have to plan to meet in that period, for beer or any event. We have to be on plane back around noon on 20th, so 19th sounds better.

Blue Posts and lots of upcoming events over 5 years ago

Some of us from Croatia are going to visit London 19.01.2012.-20.01.2012. and would like to meet and have a few beers on the 19th.

Is there some event planed that week, and is there anyone willing to meet?

OSMand in BiH almost 6 years ago

Ako ti se da igrati sa ručnim skidanjem složili smo redoviti dnevni update osmand karata na a jednom tjedno to šaljemo na osmand server, da ih neopterećujemo svaki dan :D Mi koristimo dvenve karte da znamo što nam još fali kad radimo na nekom području. Kako ide u BiH, jeste razmišljali o pokretanju mail liste, korisničke grupoe na forumu, ... Tako je puno lakše organizirati neke stvari i tamo vam možemo ostavljati informacije vezane uz vaše područje. Ako trebate pomoč ekipa iz RH vam je spremna pomoći.


Uređivanje almost 6 years ago

Pozdrav iz susjedne države, samo naprijed.

Going where no mapper has gone before... over 7 years ago

That's the main thing you must NOT do.

Important legal note: Do not use use data from Google Earth to add or change anything in Open Street Map, ie. don't look at a satellite image from Google and add or change streets or other things. Somebody has a copyright on the data shown in Google Earth and using any data from it will compromise the OSM database. See the Legal FAQ for more information.

Can I trace data from Google Maps/Virtual Earth/Ordnance Survey/...?
No. Other sources must not be used as the base of any data uploaded to OSM. This is because their licences forbid you to do so. Only sources with compatible licenses - such as US Government information released into the public domain - may be used as base for adding OSM data. However, it is OK to use Yahoo! Aerial Imagery, as Yahoo! have agreed to allow OSM to use it. Better still, create the data yourself!

So use your gpx traces.

Would you be so kind to remove the data from GE yourself.

How many lines in planet.osm? over 7 years ago

Do you mean lines as distance between 2 nodes or lines as ways?

t@h running on server about 8 years ago
This works too :D

For multiple instances just create multipe tilesAtHome directories: tilesAtHome1 tilesAtHome2 ...
You need CPU that has more than one core for this offcourse :D

Garmin MapSource installer released over 8 years ago

THX, It works great :D