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closed 267202

boarded up shop

over 1 year ago 14 days ago
closed 487197 hollyd

There's a Library, GP, Walk in Centre, and a dental practise, all called The Ordnance Unity Centere

7 months ago 15 days ago
closed 267200

path here. tree cover -needs survey

over 1 year ago 20 days ago
closed 267205

no 8

over 1 year ago 20 days ago
closed 267241

Pineapple House (building site)

over 1 year ago 20 days ago
open 472559 SomeoneElse

Is here really tracks=2? The individual track detail seems to be present, so I doubt it. Also the section immediately to the west isn't tracks=2. See also

8 months ago 26 days ago
closed 600116

This is just mud and gravel, not a 'cycleway'

about 1 month ago 27 days ago
open 550736 peregrination

The bridge area has layer=1, but the road is showing above the bridge it on the rendered map, is that a bug ?

3 months ago 27 days ago
closed 598945 spiregrain

in memory of Mark Anthony Huggins (OSM data version: 2016-06-01T10:03:02Z) #mapsme

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 601729 spiregrain

There are two separate areas here, which are labelled as a single area called "Cornhill Meadows Dragonfly Sanctuary". I visited on the 19th. There are actually two separate areas.

Cornhill Meadows is the area east of the Cornmill Stream. The Cornhill Meadows Dragonfly Sanctuary is the area west of the stream.

I suggest the existing area is split. Note there are a limited number of ways into the dragonfly sanctuary, which is otherwise fenced off. There are the two bridges over the stream, the gate onto Abbey View, and the passage under Abbey View.

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago

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