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closed 271147 larsalonian

add cash machine / atm

13 days ago 7 days ago
closed 267251

speedy shoe repair and locksmith. no 75

22 days ago 9 days ago
closed 159058

Now two way according to Ollie O'Brien

7 months ago 12 days ago
closed 50742

Footpath temporary closure here during motorwaywidening

about 1 year ago 23 days ago
closed 203763 smsm1

New cycle parking compound at Broxbourne rail station according to

4 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 247267

This is a no left turn from Nazeing New Road in to Old Nazeing Road when going East to West towards Station Road. You can turn right into the road if you were coming from Station Road.

2 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 233701

Sola dönüş yok
Reported using Wisepilot map reporter

3 months ago about 1 month ago
closed 256530 SomeoneElse

Presumably the get here isn't really called "For emergency vehicles only (gate is permanently locked)"?

Presumably also there _are_ ways linking to it, even if they are access=no? Are they footways or (more likely from the description) service roads?

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 205132


4 months ago about 2 months ago
open 62708

Path missing here.

about 1 year ago about 2 months ago

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