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Post When Comment over 8 years ago

Thanks ToB But im only half way done.
you can have a look at youl see the map

I just got this message from my support you might know how to help...
certainly you can, a good way to start with could be to check the template of the content of the hotel details page (closeupa.cgi), there we already display a single dot on the map, if you replicate the call "createmapmarker" (you find in that page) and then place it in a search result cycle (FOREACH statement) you can place one dot for each product.
The map can be placed anywhere, just make sure you transport the javascript dependencies of Google maps, consider also to take a look at Google Maps documentation for further guidance.

Thanks ill i need to do now is get the above done so i can see all my markings maps on the main map.

Can you help... over 8 years ago

Once I log out of google maps the openstreet map disappers over 8 years ago

Dear HannesHH

So How do I make the openstreetmap stick on html snippts on the google my maps system It Just keeps on slipping... over 8 years ago

Thanks HannesHH over 8 years ago

Yes thanks...
I work with google maps
They offer browse openstreetmap as an add on
the minute I log out of google my maps and then go back in the openstreetmap add on disappears.