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Excuse me, how do you use this map? 3 days ago

Can you explain what you mean with "these codes doesn't work" ? Is the map not show ? Is your program crashing ? There is so much that can you wrong that it is impossible to guess where you are stuck.

Irland für Garmin 8 days ago

(Sorry for the English)

You could use to download the map for Ireland. Pick of the Garmin formats. Just place the downloaded file in the GPX folder of your device.

This is the help page of the website:

Here are some instructions in German:

And for this type of questions will get more answers when you use e.g. the German forum:

How would you map this? 17 days ago

@Paul Johnson, oh, I see it now, you model your u-turn via that way. It's a bit unfortunate that it now seems like there are 2 places where one can make a u-turn coming from the east. But I see no better method to map the N-to-E way.

I would have mapped the traffic signals differently though (not that you did it). Not on the junction nodes, but on the ways approaching the junction in order to avoid that dumb data consumers would think I had to pass 3 traffic signals when travelling from E to W. (as explained in - tag all incoming one-ways).

How would you map this? 17 days ago

Is there a turn restriction on the 3100 South with the one way coming from the north ?

How would you map this? 17 days ago

Do you know the draft proposal ?

How would you map this? 17 days ago

@NunoCaldeira, sorry for the confusion, I'm talking about the small segment between the N-S ways of the E-W street. I now see that there are no lane markers, but isn't it weird that the lanes do not continue there ? Sorry, I come from a European context, where the lanes really continue over the junction. So in this case one shouldn't map the lanes there.

How would you map this? 17 days ago

@NunoCaldeira I would add the turn lanes also to the way between the N and S ways. I do not understand your turn restrictions for the street from N. Only right & straight ? Your turn lanes tell me something else.

How would you map this? 18 days ago
  • dual carriage ways for N/S
  • are the cycleways tracks ? (hard to see on the picture) Would make tagging easier
  • W: lanes=8;lanes:forward=5;lanes:backward=3:turn:lanes:backward=none;none|merge_to_left then a shorter piece with 7 lanes, very similar but with turn:lanes:forward=left|left|through|through|right (if the arrows are indicated on the signs)
  • E similar to west
  • Since S/N are dual carriage ways, no need to split in forward/backward
  • N, similar for the top part, then split at the right turn + propably no right turn restriction at the actual crossing
  • O yes, and for the end of that right turn, a only_right restriction for going to W

I am not familiar with the signs on the 2nd lane from the right in S.

Belarus in Belarusian + bilingual / trilingual / quadrilingual names in Europe 27 days ago

All towns in Belgium that are officially bilingual also show this on Same is true for Switserland.

So I wonder why you think that their names only appear in 1 language. Which map did you use ?

Paris is a bicycle shop 2 months ago

Wambacher has a dedicated site with daily checks for the boundaries:

The number of boundaries and their size is checked. Perhaps he could check for name changes as changes to the admin nodes as well ?

Mapper of the Month 3 months ago

@PlaneMad: thanks

Mapper of the Month 3 months ago

@dfjs good to see I'm not the only one combining sighthounds and OSM :)

Mapper of the Month 4 months ago

@H@mlet: link added. sorry for the inconvenience

#PDCSurabaya Destroyed Surabaya (and clarification below) 5 months ago

Just send an email to

In general, they prefer that you can show that you have tried to contact the other mapper, that there was some changeset discussion, discussion on a forum etc.

This might be hard for a small (I assume) community as yours and with (propably) one time mappers from the event. So just send them an email and ask what you can do.

#PDCSurabaya Destroyed Surabaya (and clarification below) 5 months ago

You could contact the Data Working Group to ask them to assist you in reverting the situation back (i.e. to the situation before the PDCSurabaya event).

Mapcontrib 5 months ago

I know you can clone your own umaps. Don't know about mapcontrib. I doubt you can clone someone elses map.

Mapillary Have a Special Hell Reserved Just For Me 6 months ago

I had informed them via twitter, here's their reply:

I'm also part of a dev team that builds, deploys and maintains a webapp for a rather small audience. But yes, it is sometimes a problem to keep things running. Even with all kind of monitoring tools, it is still a challenge. So I'm certainly not complaining.

Mapillary Have a Special Hell Reserved Just For Me 6 months ago

It was not only their harvester that stopped working, one of there web server had to be restarted as well earlier this week.

Time to cleanup the wikipedia:xx tags? 6 months ago

@Minh Nguyen: Will I automatically end up with the Dutch version of the article when I click "a link" containing the French wikipedia article ? If so, there is no problem. It is a problem if I have to click another link to get to the Dutch wikipedia page.

I doubt everybody is comfortable that there is a direct link to the Dutch wikipedia and not to the French (or vice versa). I fear that it might start war edits among some groups of "language-fanatics".

Time to cleanup the wikipedia:xx tags? 6 months ago

As someone who lives in a country with 3 official languages, I would prefer that you leave the wikipedia:xx tags as they are right now. It's not because there is only a wikipedia:fr tag at the moment that the feature cannot be updated in the future to also have a wikipedia:nl tag.

Perhaps it would be better to retag all the wikipedia=xx:... to wikipedia:xx=... ? :-)

Anyway, this can easily be done while importing the data. So perhaps, people should create a github repository that contains all kinds of scripts that make the data more uniform in their opinion. The people that want to import data locally, can then choose which scripts they want to run.