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Mysterious Markers Solved? 1 day ago

I think that typically the fire hydrants are mapped. But you could perhaps map the markers with the scheme for pipeline markers.

Access restriction data architecture 3 days ago

There are some cases where access tags on a single node is correct. Some barriers are placed to prohibit through traffic by cars, but allow e.g. pedestrians and cyclist to pass. So here we have a barrier (typically bollard or cycle_barrier) with specific access permission and the two roads with public access. Cars can drive up to the bollard from both side, but cannot pass it. But for other cases, I agree that permissions on the ways are preferable.

Wikipedia and OSM collaboration 4 days ago

Just to make sure: the JOSM Wikipedia plugin helps a human to add the tags, but the human is still required. There is no automated process to update any OSM tag based on Wikipedia/Wikidata.

Wikipedia and OSM collaboration 4 days ago

@Hjart: I'll try out that plugin as soon as possible.

Wikipedia and OSM collaboration 5 days ago

@naveenpf That's a change in the editor so whenever someone adds a Wikipedia tag in the editor, the Wikidata id is retrieved and added as well. This means that no wikidata tag will be added when the user does not add a wikipedia tag in the first place. I assume the wikidata tag is not updated in any other way (unless someone adds it manually).

The data will then only be changed in the OSM database when the user uploads the data. No automatic update of data in OSM database.

In the UK there has been an project to match OSM objects with wikidata and update them. Search the talk-gb mailing list archives in case you are interested.

For the rest: it's up to the mappers to add this data, just like BushmanK wrote.

State of the Map : Some BoF sessions 11 days ago

So far I only tried to find some light towers and city halls in Belgium, to see whether they where already mapped.

You are probably right about the language. I still have the same problem with Overpass, but at least things like "node["man_made"="lighttower"]({{bbox}});" is partially readable unlike "?item wdt:P31 wd:Q39715 ."

False labling of addresses 15 days ago

When I search for Tarrant, Jefferson Country on Nominatim ( I do not see Birmingham at all in the response.

Maybe we should sue you for passing false information ? :-) :-) :-)

Road Segments, naming streets and Town-land boundries 19 days ago

Every tried JOSM ? You can select multiple road segments and assign any tag to the selected segments. So you only have to type name="This is a road with a long name that I only want to type once" once.

You can add name, old_name, official_name, local_name, etc. to a road. But get in touch with the Irish community (mailing list, Facebook group) to get a "local" answer.

Ideas from an introductory OSM session at Trichy 20 days ago

Great job ! Good to see people educating children about OSM.

The idea of the teacher reminded me of John Snow's map to illustrate the cholera outbreak in Londen in 1854. (see She wants to find "hotspots" or neighbourhoods where those students are coming from. umap or something similar would be perfect for that.

How many POIs does OpenStreetMap have? 24 days ago

And then you forgot to look at the tourism tag (hotel, museum, etc.) :-)

Ramblings about State of the Map 27 days ago

And it was good to see you in person Zverik. At least I talked to you :-)

Ramblings about State of the Map 27 days ago

I know there was beer, but I thought there was only 1 brand, not ? I haven't seen anyone with anything else than pils, no real beers like Duvel :-) Not that it would have made a difference, I drunk water all evening as I had to drive back home.

Ramblings about State of the Map 28 days ago

Thanks for the invitation, Andy.

Tell me about your username 30 days ago

I often use the name of our youngest dog when I create an account, at the time I created an OSM account, it was Escada, a bitch. She's the second one on the left on the picture at the top of my Smugmug photo website. This site was named after another dog of us.

Open tools to improve OpenStreetMap for navigation in France about 1 month ago

As for the first picture, it's a complex case. It depends on a number of things

1) whether the "from" street is split in 2 just before the crossing. The only_right turn sign is only for the right lane. 2) is the left-right street drawn as 1 OSM way or 2 with oneway = yes on it ? 3) is the street on the other side of the crossing oneway or not ?

So perhaps you need a "no_straight_ahead" or a "only_left" for the left way...

Mapper of the Month: SomeoneElse (United Kingdom) about 2 months ago

The link is now updated.

Mapping missing turn restrictions & exit numbers and destinations in Europe - Part 1 : Germany 2 months ago

It's weird that you are in the same team as the one working in Canada. From I had the impression that they do not really know which tags to use, while you seem pretty confident that you know which tags one has to add.

Extra tips: in case you continue this work all over Europe, please localize your posts, i.e. replace all those US-signs with local signs (and yes they are different in the different countries), and try to post in the local mailing list/forum in the local language(s). Make sure that you really know the important towns in a country. This will probably give you more support.

Mapping exit numbers and destinations in Canada 3 months ago

Are the diary entries of Martijn Van Exel, on destinations signs in the US of any help ?

Nothing personal, just GPS tracks 3 months ago

With all those track accumulating websites, be it Strava or OSM, I wonder what their value is when you cannot filter tracks on date. Over time you will see a mix of tracks over no-longer existing paths and over the current paths.

I hope for you that Yandex does offer the capability to hide all tracks older than a certain date.

OSM-HU NEWS : "BUD SPENCER PARK" in Budapest ? Maybe ... 3 months ago

Please note that you should use alt_name only when there is a name as well. You might you local_name instead.