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Wiki loves monuments - OpenStreetMap, too! 3 days ago

Thank you for your answer. Somehow it is comforting that other struggle with the same problem. Since the Flemish government has released the data under some public license, I'll assume I can just keep on adding the data.

Don and Donna Williams 9416 75th St Wapello 4 days ago

Did you create a note on ? Or what do you mean by "sent a message". Of course, it's pretty easy to make such corrections yourself

Wiki loves monuments - OpenStreetMap, too! 6 days ago

While I've been adding Monuments to OSM myself, I wonder whether I can use the data found on Wikipedia. In Belgium, there are two types of "Erfgoed", the ones that are heritage and the others that are just listed, but not protected. While in many cases, the buildings that are heritage will have a blue/white sign [1] not all of them do so. The ones that are just listed cannot be verified on the site. So I cannot map the "ground truth". Does this mean than I am importing then? Do I violate the license in that case (even when I visited the building) ?

Just wondering and wishing this license stuff was not so complicated and confusing.


5 dreams/ proposals for OSM headquarters (please comment) 8 days ago

You propose a "popup" to show the additional information, but you don't like the way openlinkmap does it ? I'll agree it's not integrated into, but the UI is OK I think.

5 dreams/ proposals for OSM headquarters (please comment) 9 days ago

For Unflattening the map. Did you ever try the "Map Data' under the layers options ? Or ?

Do you know the geschichtskarte, firehydrant map, grapphopper, osrm, and many other thematic maps ? Do you want them all to be available from 1 UI ?

As far as I know a routing solution is now in beta (according to a post on the talk mailing list).

The first thing I mapped… about 1 month ago

3D ? Indoor mapping ?

Happy 10th Birthday OSM. What's your OSM story? about 1 month ago

I only started in April 2011. I discovered OSM when I was looking for a cheap map for my new Garmin. After noticing that some paths were missing in my neigborhood, I started mapping. And became addicted :-)

How would I use images in my blog without uploading those to an external hoster? about 1 month ago

You could use, although that is also an "external hoster"

User Tracks 2 months ago

Are you talking about the iD editor (edit on ?

Palmeira dos Ă­ndios - Alagoas - #1202 2 months ago

I ran google translate on your diary.

Do you need to tag a part of a road as bridge ? In iD select the part you need, then you see under "structure"-> bridge. Select that.

In JOSM, you can simply add a tag "bridge" with value "yes"

I hope this helps


Fehlermeldung beim Speichern 3 months ago

(Sorry for the English reply)

This means that someone else modified that way between the moment you started editing and the moment you wanted to save your modifications. I don't know how to solve this in Potlach, but this question has popped up on I guess it was answered as well.

Maybe you can search there for the answer ?

Mapnik don't render railwail=abandoned tag ? 3 months ago

On people were told to look at

bicycle traffic 4 months ago

I don't know why oneway=yes and oneway:bicycle=no is nonsense, almost all oneway streets in Belgium are like that.

As you might now, the basic mapnik map is just that: one of the many possible renderings. The opencycle map might be better suited for your needs or the OpenFietsMap [1] map for garmin devices. They are more targetted towards cyclists. They do differentiate between paved and unpaved cycleways.

The "ordinary" editor allows you to add any tag, valid and invalid. It does not necessarily show a different color or line width depending on the tags. JOSM, the offline editor, is much more powerful, and allows you define your own rendering styles depending on the tags found on the ways and nodes.

As the others mentioned, please get in touch with others before composing your own set of tags. Especially, with countries with a lot of cyclist (Holland, Germany, Denmark, UK) and see how they tag. The problems you try to solve have been discussed there. The tagging mailing list is one way, the Dutch and German forums is another way.


bicycle traffic 4 months ago

Furthermore, which tags did you use for "cars - yes" and "biycles bidirectional" the official tags are motor_vehicle=yes and oneway:bicycle=no. See for properly mapping bicycle ways.

Furthermore, I believe mapnik is not showing roads with oneway:bicycle=no differently than oneway streets without that tag

I hope this helps

bicycle traffic 4 months ago

Regarding the compulsory tag you invented, there is a proposal for this: It was discussed in the German community as well as on the Dutch forum and the tagging mailing. It is not approved yet. Please vote in favour of this proposal if it fits your needs

First steps in historical OSM analysis 4 months ago

It would be nice to have something like this on the Belgian osm website, for course for a Belgian town. And... would it be possible to include a timestamp somewhere ?

Hey guys. 5 months ago

I think the paths in Levin domain should be connected to the streets. They should not stop at the border of the park. The idea is that a routing engine can take you from the street into the park.

scrolling the map in JSOM on MacOS 5 months ago

I recently filed a problem with Java 7 and JOSM for this. I had no problem with it on Java 6. Did you by any chance moved to Java 7 a year ago ? Anyway, the team seems to be working on the issue.


Brauche dringend Eure Hilfe! 5 months ago

I assume you want something like ? This functionality is not available on, but you need third party website such as the one I just mentioned


home neighborhood 5 months ago

Welcome to OpenStreetMap,

Which program do you mean ? The online editor iD ? You can ask for help on e.g. htttp:// or in the editors forum. there are also mailing lists per country en local communities that gather together from time to time.