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Nyköping status completed! 13 days ago

That's a nice job. No doubt about that.

But I have some problem with those complete lists. Streets are added, get another layout, etc. all the time. Such a static table is outdated before you know. IMHO it gives a bad impression for new mappers. They might think nothing has to be done anymore.

Furthermore, just names and the street layout is not "completed for car navigation. What about turn restrictions, one way street, lanes, turn lanes, directions. A modern car navigation needs all of that.

I hope that this does not sound to harsh. I really think it is a nice job that you did, however, it is never finished.

Belgium: Mapper of the Month December 2014 18 days ago

My pleasure, I love to read about other mappers, so I enjoy doing this.

Website for asking to improve just one area in OpenStreetMap (or paying for improvement) 18 days ago

I fear that some people will just put any data at that spot in order to cash the money. So you will need a team of reviewers to verify the data.

There is this OSM-game Kort, in which you only earn the money after the data has been reviewed by X other mappers.

Being a newbie 19 days ago

Thanks for your comment tmcw.

Changeset comments can be great, but I recently witnessed a case where several people started commenting on the same change. And while each individual comment might be friendly, just the amount of comments might be intimidating as well. (the ally with your friends case)

From time to time you see this request for comment made by people, either on a mailing list, the help-website or a forum. Of course the change is already made in such a case.

It's my impression that the experienced mappers are in general friendlier towards people that say "hey I made this change, can you check it?". So offering this functionality from within the editor would be really nice. Still the question remains, who are the "experts" ? What in case of different opinions of tagging something ?

Being a newbie 24 days ago

@Zverik: I hope it has some effect for your community. @Joost: The idea of a review is certainly worthwhile to investigate. For me such a review should be done by someone that speaks the same language as the submitter, moreover, it should be someone that is as local as possible (same town, if not, same province, if not same country). This might pose some problems for small communities. Where do you find the volunteers that want to review changesets in detail ?

How do you become part of those "experts" ? I've got some advice in the past from self-proclaimed experts that turned out to be not so good. Not everybody with hundreds of changesets is an expert, or an expert in all fields.

You also want to avoid that a bully reviews those changesets.

Looking forward to see a first proposal from you. I rather spend more time on mapping than writing guidelines, proposals, etc. :-)

Primer contacto 25 days ago

Sorry in English: OpenStreetMap is for current data, historical data goes in e.g.

Look here: and here: for alternative values to tag memorials.

Traducción automática: OpenStreetMap es para los datos actuales, los datos históricos va en ejemplo

Mira aquí: y aquí: para valores alternativos etiquetar memoriales.

Being a newbie 30 days ago

Hallo JBacc1,

What I try to communicate is not whether the editor should warn about everything, but that the community should try to act in a friendly way towards newcomers every time again, just because the editors do no prevent one from making mistakes.

Note that JOSM will not warn you that you did not place a bicycle=use_sidepath on the main road, or redirected the relations over the cyclepath. It might catch more stuff than iD. I don't know, I hardly ever used iD. I started with JOSM from day one.

Being a newbie about 1 month ago

Thanks Richard.

Seems like a good idea, but private messages between "friends" should remain possible.

I am a bit less of a leech on OSM about 1 month ago

Nice to see you enjoyed your first real mapping experience

Interview: Mapper of the Month (Belgium) about 1 month ago

Thanks, TheDutchMan13

Rose garden about 1 month ago

Tag info has 11 entries for garden:type=community ( If the areas are clearly separated, you might tag each individual area, e.g. garden:type=allotment or landuse=orchard

I think you are right and that garden:style=rosarium would be better than garden=rose_garden. The latter was suggested by a mapper that I contacted before starting.

I'm not good at writing documentation, so I don't know how to add something useful to the flowerbed proposal.

Mapeando novos locais sem imagem de satélite ou outros mapas about 1 month ago

well done. thanks !

What I want about 1 month ago

good ideas. hopefully someone with the time and resources to develop it will pick it up.

Interview: Mapper of the Month (Belgium) about 1 month ago

The initiative was actually taken by Ben Abelshausen. I liked the idea, just like you, and volunteered to do some administrative work. Good to see other people like the idea as well. Unfortunately I don't understand Russian, so I can't follow the podcast. I do follow the Russian blog though, with the help of a translation tool

Ajouter/Manipuler des bâtiments rapidement avec JOSM about 2 months ago

Pour moi, creé un cercle c'est placer 3 points sur la circonférence, sélectionner ces trois points et appuyer sur o. Je pense que c'est plus facile de tracer un polygone.

(excuses pour mon mauvais français)

Middelheim museum, Antwerp about 2 months ago

Thanks for the correct explanation, zarl. At this moment I'm not going to investigate the death of each artist, just to add an image URL to some of the sculptures. People should go to the museum and check out the art for themselves :-)

Personal benefits of contributing to OSM about 2 months ago

Indeed, discovering those "unknown" spots in your neighbourhood is something I enjoy a lot

A little survey story about 2 months ago

I really hope people would take their time to import the data, really look at strange situations and not just hurry to get all data in.

On weekdays my survey area is rather limited, during the weekends, I don't have problems to drive an hour or so to make a walk. Of course a walk is not a survey, the prime goal is then different, but I still have collected a reasonable amount of house numbers in (for Belgium) remote areas.

A little survey story about 2 months ago

Dietmar, thanks for your reaction

According to Pascal Neis' tools, I also mapped 35.000 addresses in the past 3.5 years. Your numbers are along the same magnitude. I love collecting new numbers, I don't see myself verifying the house numbers of an import.

A little survey story about 2 months ago

I'll understand that for remote areas where you have to drive for kilometers (or miles :-) ) before finding another house and house number, imports are a nice solution.

But for those who did an import: did you ever try to survey to check the correctness of, lets say, 500 house numbers in an area that was imported ? Was it fun, easy, rewarding (to find 1 or 2 mistakes) ? Did you ever try to survey an area without house numbers ? Was it fun, easy, rewarding to add 500 new numbers ?

Please share your thoughts.