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Why is Nakaner not in favour of your proposal? 25 days ago

@cm8: please tell me why "diameter" is better than "fire_hydrant:diameter". I have not heard a single argument that convinces me. What is the quirk, misnomer or bad use of namespace in this case? Is it really a fix or improvement ? Why do we need it to be called diameter ? Why is it better for a mapper to use one over the other.

Why do I have to learn a new mapping scheme ? Is that taking care of mappers ?

Why is Nakaner not in favour of your proposal? about 1 month ago

@Viking81, as Nakaner wrote, it is not only the hundreds of mappers that have to go through the pain of remapping there stuff, it is also all data consumers that have to add code to use "pressure" besides "fire_hydrant:pressure". This means creating issue cases, planning, them, developing them, testing them, releasing them and maintaining them without any improvement for the end consumer. This is something each development team hates (I know, I do software development).

You want to change fire_hydrant:pressure to pressure and look for 10 other mappers that agree (and hopefully no one objects). There is no guarantee at all that there won't be a group of 10 other mappers that will do the opposite within a couple of months or years. Just renaming tags is such a waste of time & resources.

I wish OSM had something similar to Wikidata. Wikidata abstracts the tags away. The have P. Then you can name & describe it however you want, you can add synonyms, translations without any problem. For the all data consumers it remains the same P

I think people assign too much value to how a tag is written. For me there is no difference between pressure and fire_hydrant:pressure. It's the same. I would happily use one or the other, but there is no reason to replace one with the other.

Another drawback is that you just make the database bigger with another version that is just replacing a tag with a synonym. Whoever is using a template in an editor will hardly notice what the actual tag is, so why would they find "pressure" better ?

BTW, I didn't vote, because the voting process is no longer working. There are too many different opinions that do not participate in the discussion, and only vote. Or the voting group is not represenative for the community as a whole. I don't have a solution for those problems. I just vote by using tags (or using the tags my editor gives me).

Why is Nakaner not in favour of your proposal? about 1 month ago

p.s. Luckily the proposer of the new fire hydrant tagging scheme mapped 1095 hydrants so far. At least s/he would feel to remapping pain as well :-/

Why is Nakaner not in favour of your proposal? about 1 month ago

@Warin61, do you seriously want me to spend time to retag all 1978 fire hydrants I mapped [1] in the past, just because 10 mappers decide that fire_hydrant:diameter is not hip anymore and has to be replaced with diameter ? Do you think I have nothing better to do ? I would rather map another 1978 fire hydrants, than retag the ones I mapped. I noticed you mapped 6 fire hydrants in Sydney, that is a totally different scale

Of course I could use Overpass + Level0 to do the retagging in a few minutes, but still it is a waste of time IMHO.

So I totally agree with Nakaner's "Avoid changing heavily used tags".

[1] (by the way all surveyed in case you wonder)

Craft mapping is the best method... about 2 months ago

I was not directly referring to lack of detail, just to adding wrong data.

But in my region (Flanders, Northern part of Belgium) there is 1 mapper that did almost all landuse based on aerial imagery. Due all kind of circumstances, a lot of the landuse get mistagged. He can do much more from his chair, than we can check on the ground. I rather have no landuse than a brownfield in the middle of a nature reserve of a vinyard in a totally impossible place.

So yes, armchair mappers can add more incorrect data than "craftmappers" can correct on short term. We also do not have the time to comment on their work in the hope they learn to better interprete imagery, as they moved on to the next topic before we get there. A craftmapper will still be around and will learn for her/his next project.

That's my problem with "speed with which armchair mappers map" vs. craftmapper.

Composite keys in OpenStreetMap: ref:highway, highway:ref or highway_ref? about 2 months ago

problems with markdown. sorry. wikipedia: should be wikipedia:language.

Composite keys in OpenStreetMap: ref:highway, highway:ref or highway_ref? about 2 months ago

"due to the wikipedia: syntax" should be "due to the wikipedia: syntax"

Composite keys in OpenStreetMap: ref:highway, highway:ref or highway_ref? about 2 months ago

Does that fact that wikipedia: exists has any impact on your reasoning ? Is there a potential problem where the wikipedia:brand can be considered as the Wikipedia article in the "brand" language ? I think you cannot use wikipedia: due to the wikipedia: syntax. What is your opinion ?

Craft mapping is the best method... about 2 months ago

I would say that "speed" is the enemy of a good map. Everything that is done too fast leads to a bad map. This means that any method that supports rapid mapping will more easily lead to a bad map. Imports that are done to fast, tracing of aerial imagery that is done too fast, local mapping that is done to fast.

But while it is easy to quickly do an import or trace something, it is much harder to quickly do local mapping.

Any method is fine, if it is done carefully and where high quality is the goal. The goal should not be having more data sooner. That leads to bad quality.

Add this place please about 2 months ago

We cannot use Google as a source to map something.

If you are local, you can add the place yourself. It's not that difficult. Just create an account on, start the iD editor, follow the tutorial and start editing.

Happy mapping

Just uploaded my first track 2 months ago

Hello Light Lee,

welcome to OSM. Be warned, it can be very addictive :)

No you cannot add additional information to the GPS trace. You can in any editor show your trace (even without uploading it to OSM) and retrace with the drawing tools offered by the editor. After tracing you can start adding the type of path/road and the surface characteristics.

The GPS trace is never automatically converted to an OSM way. The reason: in general a GPS trace contains a lot of errors, depending on the accuracy of the device. This is on its turn affected by the place you are travelling. Much worse near tall buildings or under trees.

Warin61 already pointed out a good guide and the iD editor comes with a build in tutorial.

Have fun mapping your trail


Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 3 months ago

SeleneYang I will certainly look at your video presentation.

Thanks for suggesting a tag that is not mapped by male mappers (but apparently also not by female mappers), but I wonder whether you will find any vending machine for female hygiene on the outside of buildings, unlike vending machines for condoms. At least in the area where I live. According to taginfo, there are 2 vending tags that contain feminine_hygiene (together with some other values). Maybe there are other words used for the same item ?

But I see your point, areas that are forbidden for men (such as toilets) cannot be mapped in detail without women. Are there other problems, or missing or better underrepresented tags ? I find this question more interesting than how many female mappers we have (not enough that is for sure).

Participation biases in OSM: Survey now LIVE! 3 months ago

Was there any research so far on "This has led to assertions that various geospatial knowledge could be under represented or poorly recorded on the map' ? Do we know what female mappers would add or what female users of a map would like to see on a map ?

Are any of those features mapped less by male mappers ? Are the specific regions where this make (or does not make) a difference ?

I honestly have no idea. So far I managed to interview 3 female mappers for my Mapper of the Month series and I see no difference in what they map and what I map.

I once read that there are a lot of pubs in OSM and that this is because there are a lot of male mappers. In Belgium we use "pub" as well for places where families go on an afternoon because there is a playground and one can drink coffee/tea as well as beer and eat pancakes/ice cream. In the evening those places are used for dinners. Not really family-unfriendly places. But we also use the same tag for what we call "Café" in Dutch and French, which are close to the stereotype pub of drinking and smoking.

So counting male vs. female contributors is one thing, and rather easy to accomplish. But is the mapping behaviour different ?

Maybe we have only people that love to bike and hike (where the needs of female/male contributors are more or less the I think).

Lot's of questions, unfortunately I have no answers

multilingual names in Canada 3 months ago

Even if you are doing it perfectly in Canada, it would be nice to document how it is done. This would allow newcomers and data consumers understand how it is done.

Mistakes & Regrets I've Made Editing OpenStreetMap 3 months ago

What's wrong with using OpenStreetCam on a footpath ?

Too many Idiot-Mappers in Ecuador 5 months ago

Enrique1984 did 4 edits, all of them over a year ago. Perhaps he didn't know his drawings were going live immediately after saving them ?

In general it's best to reach out to those people in a friendly way, telling them how OSM works. However, when the user didn't do anything for over a year, you just have to fix the problem.

There is nothing that can be done to overcome this problem. When there are enough mappers, each one monitoring an area, those problems will be picked up quickly. Unfortunately this will not work in a country with a small community.

Excuse me, how do you use this map? 6 months ago

Can you explain what you mean with "these codes doesn't work" ? Is the map not show ? Is your program crashing ? There is so much that can you wrong that it is impossible to guess where you are stuck.

Irland für Garmin 6 months ago

(Sorry for the English)

You could use to download the map for Ireland. Pick of the Garmin formats. Just place the downloaded file in the GPX folder of your device.

This is the help page of the website:

Here are some instructions in German:

And for this type of questions will get more answers when you use e.g. the German forum:

How would you map this? 6 months ago

@Paul Johnson, oh, I see it now, you model your u-turn via that way. It's a bit unfortunate that it now seems like there are 2 places where one can make a u-turn coming from the east. But I see no better method to map the N-to-E way.

I would have mapped the traffic signals differently though (not that you did it). Not on the junction nodes, but on the ways approaching the junction in order to avoid that dumb data consumers would think I had to pass 3 traffic signals when travelling from E to W. (as explained in - tag all incoming one-ways).

How would you map this? 6 months ago

Is there a turn restriction on the 3100 South with the one way coming from the north ?