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Starting up again 1 day ago

Welcome back. I hope you will enjoy the walks with your dogs. Hopefully your dog will like the survey stops (makeing notes or pictures) more than mine :-)

Historyczne grobowce 3 days ago

Sorry for the English: there is a nice map on which historical information from OSM is displayed:

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [6] 3 days ago

Also, what is shop=printer ? Does it sell printing devices, or should it be shop=copyshop ?

- 10 days ago

Don't think that this guy is a bot: :-) ranks Node: 32, ways; 23, relations: 848

New road style for the Default map style - the first version 17 days ago

As someone who grew up with Michelin and Falck maps, I still have "problems" with the current colour scheme of OSM. I find the German style (yellow with red for highways) much more familiar. One's personal favorite will be highly influenced by this. So depending on whether a lot of Brits, German or French people react, the pro's and contra's for the blue (current) might be different.

That's the problem with those types of polls, the results are biased towards the (English) speaking community (I fear).

Navigation roadwork problem 18 days ago

While you have used a correct tag, I wonder which navigation software honors this tag. And where have you tried the navigation ? How long did you wait after you uploaded your change? It can take 2 days or so before the routing data behind the different routing engines on is updated

New ScoutSigns release - now with Mapillary power! 20 days ago

Nice, especially because there's more Mapillary data in Belgium than Telenav data (I think).

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Escada 20 days ago

Thanks for the compliment. Dacor

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Escada 23 days ago


Glad you liked it.

There is a translation of the Wochennotiz in English, so you don't have to do the translation yourself, see And otherwise, Chrome can translate it automatically for you. While it might be "broken" English, I assume you will get the point most of the time.

First Major Edits 29 days ago

I looked at some of your changesets ( that you made over a year ago: - the first one was a library, which is still on the map - the other was for an ice cream shop: that one is also still there - then there is e.g. also a dog park:, but that is not rendered on the standard map, but the data is still there.

Can you provide a link to the changeset with the data that is removed ?

Don't know what to think of it of this research about 1 month ago

@Joost, when he/she would have contacted the community, we would be warned and might have be more alert to changes and/or actively start looking for them. So he/she couldn't do that without influencing the study they wanted to make.

It would be more correct to see e.g. how fast an actual speed limit change was added to OSM. But of course that would mean they should know about the change from the beginning.

You might wonder what's the next study: steal something from a shop and see how fast the police can find you ? And when you are not catched after 3 months, bring back the goods ? :-)

There was a time were I watched new people as well in my area, but unfortunately I do not do that anymore for various reasons (o.a. time). Though I regret now that I didn't investigate this user's changesets better.

Don't know what to think of it of this research about 1 month ago

As SimonPoole asked, I informed the DWG with the changeset in question and the user name. I had already informed the user via the changesets comments about this diary entry.

Don't know what to think of it of this research about 1 month ago

For the record, the mistake I found was in the Flemish part of Belgium, so they might be Belgians as well.

Don't know what to think of it of this research about 1 month ago

The one that I found on April 1, 2015 was introduced on March 18, 2015. Assuming all other mistakes were introduced at the same moment, they were in the database for 3 months.

Airline offices in Kampala (UG) 2 months ago

I fear that this is an import. Did the website allow you to copy its data into another database ?

Panneaux publicitaires dans OSM 3 months ago

Do you know ?

Пешеходный роутинг: чатик посовещался и решил 3 months ago

The same is true for bicycle, that is also part of access. Do you know bicycle=use_sidepath ? it is used for exactly the same reason: prevent routers from sending cyclist over the main road while there is a cycle path next to it (that has to be used in normal circumstances).

Пешеходный роутинг: чатик посовещался и решил 3 months ago

why not foot=use_sidepath similar to bicycle=use_sidepath ?

Belgian Mappers of the Month: Ruben & Josefien 4 months ago

That's a funny way to explain what you are doing. I have never been bothered, but I survey while I walk the dogs. People expect to see people walking dogs everywhere, so they don't mind. And I usually take notes on a GPS, which looks like a phone from a distance. Nobody care when you are texting

Kleine veranderingen 4 months ago


welkom bij OSM. Hopelijk zien we snel je eerste bijdragen verschijnen. Volgens mij is het wel niet gebruikelijk om voor iedere individuele parkeerplaats een amenity=parking te creëren. Die worden volgens enkel gebruikt voor grote plekken waar veel auto's kunnen staan, zie ook de uitleg onder de wiki pagina

Misschien eerst eens navragen op het Nederlandse forum ?

alvast veel plezier met het mappen