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Attributing OpenStreetMap 5 months ago
This is a good compromise between visibility, legal requirements and the need for screen space to grow.

This is possibly your opinion, but the idea of compromise here is the cornerstone of the issue. The license is codified legal text, and just as you would not allow a customer to unilaterally decide that paying you only half your bill was "a good compromise", neither does it appear from this diary entry that many OSMers find that this is a good deal.

This issue of multiple attribution is not unique to MapBox. Google also has multiple providers, and you see on some maps that they have an attribution string that includes multiple providers. Furthermore, how you decide to attribute yourself, or how you decide to attribute your other data providers is not the concern of OpenStreeetMap, only how you attribute OSM.

JOSM scripting plugin: be a power user! 6 months ago

bdiscoe, as the person who wrote the bot that expanded several million way names- yes, it does require some extra step.

Your script doesn't take a lof of things into consideration- one being the location of the area!

Also, while I'd venture to say your script is safe in the US... it's something you may want to discuss anyway.

Updating Anne Arundel County Public Library System 8 months ago


Attribution and all that (a rant) 8 months ago

I think Ian is right that we make it hard for casual users. Fixing that should be priority #1 in terms of license compliance.

As for corporate users (companies selling tiles based on OSM data), OSM has taken a very light stance with them requesting them to fix each customer at a time, rather than going to the company itself about its misdeeds. There are several companies (who shall remain nameless for now) which have failed to attribute OSM in customer maps.

There is a model for handling this- it's slow and it's expensive (due to administrative costs), but it is effective.