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Which camera for capturing 'Street View'? 7 months ago

I've used an HD Drift for a couple of years in the context of mapping. (It seems to have been discontinued and is relatively cheap at the moment!) This is used in time lapse mode with the images being imported into JOSM. I use a separate GPS logger. It is relatively easy to adjust for any time difference in JOSM. There seems to be a photo_geotagging plugin in JOSM that would allow you to write the GPS position to the image header if you then wanted to upload the images to Mapillary.

All these "action" cameras seem to be designed and optimised for video. I would therefore be wary of comparing video performance as this may not be reflected in the static performance. Their capacity to resolve small text (i.e. number plates) very much depends on lighting conditions and the relative speed and you may not get much better image quality that your iphone.

One advantage of the Drift is that it has a standard camera mount so you can use a much wider range of mounts, such as those available from companies like Ram Mounts. I generally use the camera mounted to the car windscreen but have also used it mounted to the handle bars of my bike and on a cycle helmet. The lens rotates so you can mount it on the side or top of a helmet for example.

The HD drift comes with a wireless remote which is useful. The latest models seem to use wifi remotes.

Depending on what you intend to do, I would suggest investing in some spare batteries. Battery life is between 1 and 2 hours but I don't use it with the screen off for example.

Another manufacturer to consider is Contour.

If you are only going to use this in a car and are not to worried about the size and weight I would all take a look at using a "standard" Cannon camera and using chdk with a suitable script to provide the time lapse mode. You should may well be able to get a better camera, with regard to static picture performance than your iphone and these action cameras, for much less money.

Work done so far... (part 2) over 1 year ago

We have recently returned (UK) from a two week holiday in Croatia where we had 4 very enjoyable days on Hvar. Before going I loaded the Croatia OSM map onto my phone (OSMAND) and also on to my Garmin GPS. The coverage was excellent, so many thanks for your hard work.

Croatia seems to have a huge number of apartments for tourist to stay in. We booked our through It makes use of google maps which are quite poor compared with what you have produced and made selecting them quite difficult as the satellite imagery is also poor. Perhaps there is an opportunity for someone to develop a web application using OSM for booking apartments in Croatia.

Once again, many thanks as the OSM map made getting around Croatia very easy.



Using the DOD GS-600 or similar HD blackbox gps cameras for OSM about 2 years ago

Thanks for the article. I was searching the documentation recently for cameras that mappers had used/tested but couldn't find much. It would be good if you could add an entry with your comments as I'm not sure diary entries are searchable. This is certainly a camera for me to look at.