Fiskardo Walking Trails, Kefalonia

Posted by dud1 on 21 June 2014 in English (English)

For anyone visiting the North of Kefalonia there are now three hiking trails that have recently been developed starting from Fiskardo. There are several map information boards in the town (drawn over Google Satellite Imagery) and a descriptive information leaflet (English/Greek) available locally (but no map). All the routes are “currently” well marked. On a recent visit I walked all three trails: 1) The Lighthouse Trail, 2) The Cypress Trail and 3) The Battery Trail and these now all mapped with route relations. The following link provides a summary map.

I’ve also put on the path that is an alternative route up to the castle at Assos. It skirts the cliffs as the southern end of the fort. It is a bit exposed in places and best avoided if you suffer from vertigo! Assos Castle path

Comment from Ánh Tuyết on 29 June 2014 at 07:16

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