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Fiskardo Walking Trails, Kefalonia

Posted by dud1 on 21 June 2014 in English (English)

For anyone visiting the North of Kefalonia there are now three hiking trails that have recently been developed starting from Fiskardo. There are several map information boards in the town (drawn over Google Satellite Imagery) and a descriptive information leaflet (English/Greek) available locally (but no map). All the routes are “currently” well marked. On a recent visit I walked all three trails: 1) The Lighthouse Trail, 2) The Cypress Trail and 3) The Battery Trail and these now all mapped with route relations. The following link provides a summary map.

I’ve also put on the path that is an alternative route up to the castle at Assos. It skirts the cliffs as the southern end of the fort. It is a bit exposed in places and best avoided if you suffer from vertigo! Assos Castle path

First Anniversary of Mapping in the Peak District National Park

Posted by dud1 on 21 February 2013 in English (English)

Today is the anniversary of my first changeset, according to, so I thought I’d write my first diary article. I’ve spent most of my time mapping in the Peak District National Park in the UK and I thought it would be good to produce an image of this as a record of progress to date. The image below was produced with Maperative and I wanted to have it as a record of the progress made in mapping field boundaries, so these have been highlighted. Paths and tracks are also marked. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to produce such a record when I first started so it is difficult to know how the map has actually changed but my general impression was that there were very few field boundaries mapped a year ago in this area. The image only covers the SE part of the Peak Park as this is where I have been concentrating my mapping activities to date.

SE Peak Park Feb 2013

Sometimes it has felt like a very daunting task and looking at this there are still a large number of white areas, where there are no field boundaries mapped to date. It will be interesting to see how it looks in a year’s time. It is a bit of thankless task mapping so I would like to thank those that had already added many maps features in this area and continue to do so. If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have put an OSM map on my Garmin GPS and then found it wasn’t as detailed as I'd have liked. So your work has inspired the above. Hopefully it will inspire others to add more field boundaries this summer so we can produce a really good walking map of the Peak District National Park.

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