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6 days ago 3 days ago
closed 92045 drnoble

New housing development in this area

8 months ago 4 days ago
open 219387 Rostranimin

Believe this road now has a shared use footway joining what's already mapped.

12 days ago 7 days ago
open 168574

There are many missing significant footways and cycleways in these estates.

3 months ago 10 days ago
closed 220448 S_Thomas

large rectangular science block here missing

11 days ago 10 days ago
closed 168573

There are many significant missing footways and cycleways in this estate.

3 months ago 11 days ago
closed 175843

Construction has now apparently started on redeveloping this site as a new public park.

3 months ago 11 days ago
closed 213662

Housing completed here ?

20 days ago 20 days ago
open 211461 drnoble

The Devil's Porridge Museum has opened, about here - needs survey

24 days ago 24 days ago
closed 198470 sairfeet

These 3 roads (Hope St-Charlotte Sq-South Charlotte St) are classed as highway=primary but have no ref tag. The A90 ref tag ends at the junction of Queensferry St and Hope St. Is this correct or does the A90 carry on to Princes St via this route ?

Can't see any road signs to confirm either way.

Note: This route from Queensferry St to Lothian Rd can only be used by private vehicles when going north to south. There is a bus-only restriction from Hope Street to Queenferry St so private vehicles need to take a long diversion to go in the opposite direction.

about 2 months ago 24 days ago

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