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Posted by dpp on 28 February 2012 in English (English)

Dear all, I'm looking at Mapnik in Tokyo. There are ways for main highways that are split at most of the cross streets. Upon rendering, the ref gets displayed for each little segment. That seems like an eyesore to me, though that could just be my taste.

Well, it also turns out that these roads are good candidates for route relations, seeing as different segments of the roads have different overlapping names. In the map above, we see Tokyo Route 7, which is officially called "Tokyo Route 7" (in Japanese), but in certain places it has other official names, too. For example, in the segment shown above, it also has the official name of "Itsukaichi Kaido".

So I could put "name=Tokyo Route 7" (in Japanese) and "ref=7" information into a road route. And I could also remove "ref=7" from the member ways. I have little experience with creating relations, though there is documentation that seems clear enough. But should I?

Thoughts on what is appropriate here?

Location: 下連雀3, 下連雀4, Mitaka, Tokyo, 1820007, Japan

Comment from Wynndale on 1 March 2012 at 13:25

First of all you would probably be better off asking this question on the OSM Help Centre or a Japan-related Contact channel.

Whether or not it is better to use route relations for road numbers is a question of local conditions such as whether roads are signed with two numbers equally.

There is generally no need to repeat the numbers of roads in their names.

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