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M'appare Spotorno 7 days ago

viva la comunità di OSM. Grande Andrea!

My experiences with additional data in mapbox 2 months ago

Thank you, Tippecanoe seems to work fine.

test 2 months ago

it is already tested, no need to waste your time on tests

OSMF regular member distribution 3 months ago

What are the different types of membership and how to become a member:

Local Chapters:

The startpage of the foundation:

Italy's top 250 contributors 4 months ago

If you're interested, I posted the history queries and results to talk-it.

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

Or these for 6 months not paid as limit for inclusion: total: 381

70 United States

69 United Kingdom

62 Germany

17 France

15 Switzerland

15 Canada

13 Netherlands

12 Russian Federation

11 Italy

8 Spain

8 Belgium

6 Australia

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

I get 396 normal members if I remove everyone whose membership expired before 2016-05-22 (some members pay later, but after a while you would assume they are not interested any more, something seems slightly strange anyway).

On 7, Jan 2017 (and members paid up until three months earlier) I get these numbers: total: 349

63 United States

63 United Kingdom

56 Germany

15 Switzerland

14 France

13 Canada

12 Russian Federation

12 Netherlands

10 Italy

8 Spain

8 Belgium

6 Australia

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

You are correct, on closer inspection I counted expired memberships as well.

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

On 2014-11-30 there were 245 regular members, so this seems quite possible. The data above is from Jan 6, 2017

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

Normal members per region

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

other european countries: other EU: 19 Non-EU: 5

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

Total normal members: 485

102 United States

88 Germany

75 United Kingdom

21 France

18 Canada

16 Switzerland

15 Russian Federation

15 Netherlands

15 Italy

10 Spain

8 Sweden

8 Belgium

7 Ireland

7 Austria

7 Australia

6 Norway

Italy's top 250 contributors 4 months ago

I'm now using the OSM history file and will publish the results shortly. Likely they will be different, but I am not sure if they will be better ;-) I'll make a new diary post for the method and the results.

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

I just saw that I can pass the data to other OSMF members.

OSMF regular member distribution 4 months ago

Thank you for the comment. I got the data from OSMF with the premise not to redistribute it and not to be too detailed when displaying it on a map so that single members cannot be inferred.

The original map I posted was in EPSG 54016 which is kind of a compromise and indeed not equal area. Following your suggestion I have now replaced it with Eckert IV (EPSG 53012) which is an equal area representation.

This is the first version version for reference:

About landuses and landcover, in particular landuse=residential 4 months ago

For each block definitely, if a block is the area of land between roads. I would not hesitate to even add single landuses for each plot if necessary, but if there are adjacent plots with the same landuse you can just as well map the landuse on a single polygon.

Mapped in Every Country of the World 4 months ago

Congratulations, that's amazing, you are mapping only since 2015. Still you have been cheating: in Vatican State you only did 30 edits (I guess the other mappers hadn't left anything to map that can be done remotely). Well, that's nitpicking, great achievement!

A valuable find - free parking in Florence 5 months ago

From all established tags, amenity=parking seems best, even in absence of a white P on blue background: if people park there (and it's not forbidden), it's a parking. While there is some kind of informality involved, it still was built as a parking so I'm not sure if the tag makes sense here

the centre of Berlin 5 months ago

@LivingWithDragons yes, I can imagine it useful for some cases (smaller places, e.g. the university you mention, a hamlet or village or small town), but in big cities people will look strange when you are in the centre (area) and ask for the centre. The centre in big places is usually/often perceived to be an area, not a single point (there are exceptions as well). You might ask about the "centre of the centre" though, and maybe get useful replies. I have done this with several people for the centre of the centre of Rome, and univocally received the equestrian statue of Marc Aurel on the capitoline hill as a reply. In Berlin it is more complicated, because of the different epoches of history and many potential centre spots due to this history and the current situation.

Some places are very easy to solve ;-)

Auroville in India, everything spirals around the centre (place of worship)

Karlsruhe in Germany, radial streetsystem pointing to the king's castle which is in the middle of the town and nature (park north of the castle).

the centre of Berlin 5 months ago

it is forbidden to gather there ("Bannmeile")