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JOSM reaches version 10000 in its 10th year 2 months ago

A huge THANK YOU to all the people involved in the development! JOSM is by far the best editor for OSM, the richness of its feature set is uncontested and the workflow perfectly adapted to the actual needs of the mappers.

Mapping small / lesser known businesses in Slums of Mumbai 3 months ago

I think it's perfectly fine to add them to OSM. You can also add a phone-numer with the tag "phone", an Email with the tag "email" and a website with the tag "website", but I'd consider these as attributes to a main tag. This main tag should tell what it is about, e.g. with the tags "shop" and/or "craft" (wouldn't use shop for exclusive B2B I think). If these tags are not sufficient to describe what this is about, add subtags, try to formally describe what they are and what they offer. The tag "description" can be used as a last resort (free text, no formalization), but it isn't very suitable for describing stuff the osm way because it is working bad for semantic searches. I suggest you better extend the tagging system if the current tags are not sufficiently detailed rather than stuffing evering into the description.

building=terrace... 4 months ago

Hier ein Reallife Beispiel für eine signifikante Terrasse:

building=terrace... 4 months ago

ich finde den tag für Reihenhäuser auch extrem schlecht, weil es eine Verkürzung ist, Reihenhäuser als "terrace" zu bezeichnen, während es eigentlich "terraced_house" heissen müsste. Echte Terrassen, wie sollen die dann getaggt werden? Z.B. hier:

New Users 4 months ago

Inspired by your post I have counted the welcome messages that I have sent out in the past 2 years (exactly 100 if I do 2 years+1week), and how many replied (expected to be in the same range as you, but now discovered a significantly higher reply rate, for this term it was 27 replies). I often did not write to everybody just because she was new though, but rather picked those people that seemed more interested than the average newbie (i.e. more than one or two edits), and in particular I did often not write to apparent business owners (who had a profile name that sounded like a business and who only added this one business). In the more recent mails I also did not invite them to face to face meetings (because we don't do them right now). My text is like this: a welcoming paragraph, followed by a paragraph of stuff I have noticed looking at her first edits, followed by a paragraph where to find more information and help (e.g. regional and national mailing list, wiki, I consider crucial the part where I comment their edits, because it shows them that it isn't just a standard copy and paste mail, and it makes them more involved.

Improving the OSM map - why don't we? [12] 5 months ago

actually I agree with Simon, a source tag on the object might at most make sense at version 1 but as soon as you modify something pre-existing you come into trouble: you have to weigh the importance of your modification and its source against the source of the previous edits. What do you do, add your source to the existing one? Replace the old one with the new one? Conceptually the source belongs to the edit, not to the object.

About Huts 5 months ago

nice post. I agree with Malenki, please don't advocate for nodes and parametric tags, use (reasonably noded) osm ways.

Picturing Proposed Development at Josephite Seminary in DC 5 months ago

My best compliments for your first steps in urban planning. Nevertheless, as an architect, I hope my colleagues who are going to design the project in your neighbourhood will come up with a more sophisticated project than what you are showing above ;-) (I'm allowing myself this comment as you state yourself that you suppose there's a lack of architectural finesse in this first sketch).

OpenStreetMap Foundation Chairperson's Report for the Annual General Meeting 6 months ago

Is there a particular reason you didn't thank 2 directors in the board (Frederik and Paul)?

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Dave Swarthout (USA/Thailand) 6 months ago

I join the choir, interesting read, nicely written. Keep up the good work ;-)

Efficiently adding direction=* to highway=give_way/stop 7 months ago

I believe you should use a relation for these highway=give_way/stop, similar to how it is done with turn restrictions (from - via - (maybe) to). A direction=forward/backward on a node has no meaning, as it is referring to a way and not to a node. A node has one dimension and no direction.

A Review of the Manifests of all OSM US Board Election Candidates 7 months ago

I agree that mapping experience and coding contributions are not the only factors to consider when voting for the US board, but if someone has neither s/he will likely not really know what osm is about, hence will not be the person I would want to be represented by. Why should someone who doesn't contribute himself to a user generated content project get into a prominent position in that project, and how would that help to convince others to contribute?

Power editing with OverpassTurbo and Level0 11 months ago

Your edit was clearly a mechanical edit and should have followed the mechanical edits guidelines, especially should have been discussed beforehand to see whether there might be some problems (e.g. maybe some of these places really have this name?). The problem I see with maproulette etc. for cases like these is that you do need local knowledge to judge on a name, the missing name problem is not very suitable for remote correction without knowing the object and context.

Improving the OSM map - Why don't we? [2] almost 1 year ago

@Warin61 I believe it has been discussed:

I agree with mlcd, a bicycle_repair_station (as opposed to a shop) is a basic facility, open air and 24/7, which does not necessarily need a chain tool in order to be very useful (for all kinds of other problems that can happen with your bike while on the road). Tagging there is none can also be useful.

OSM Tags - oder auch nicht? about 1 year ago

ich bin auch der Meinung, dass man alles, was über offensichtliche Tippfehler (z.B. Buchstabenverdreher, Leerzeichen, Groß- und Kleinschreibung, fehlende einzelne Buchstaben) hinausgeht, dort wo man die Situation nicht durch eigene Anschauung (vor Ort, nicht nur Luftbild) kennt, besser nicht "korrigiert", schon gar nicht durch Löschen von "überflüssigen" tags. Im Zweifel sollte man den Urheber der "komischen" tags anschreiben und nachfragen, ob und was er sich dabei gedacht hat.

The story of the oldest node in OSM. about 1 year ago

To nitpick a bit, the name of the place is "Fürstenwald" which transscribes to "Fuerstenwald" if you lack the ü-character and which means something like "the sovereign's forest".

Custom/specific/specialized/regional/whateveryouneed validation rules for JOSM about 1 year ago

A big risk of countryspecific rules (and countryspecific tagging) is inconsistency. One of the benefits of OSM is a worldwide dataset, tagged according to the same system and rules. By changing this we risk of falling apart.

long time - no edit about 1 year ago

yes, completely agree, let's keep them. By looking at new contributors in my areaI also have discovered and can confirm that some mappers who created their account years ago just recently started to do their first edits.

Stirbt Talk-de? about 1 year ago

bzw. einfach hier subscriben: ;-)

Proposed talk at both SOTUM and HOTOSM conferences!! about 1 year ago

another possible tagging could be military=danger_area and than another tag to subtype the danger area, e.g. danger_area=minefield. Not sure if mine fields can be considered in all occassions "military", while I'd definitely consider landmines military equipment in all instances.