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last entry almost 7 years ago

@chriscf I have followed the lists for years and can't remember any concrete examples of license violations where the weakness of cc-by-sa has come into play. Larger players will respect the license because they need everyone else to respect their licenses. If Google et al started ripping off osm it would take about 2 seconds before people did the same to them.

Anyway, I respect other contributors (which is more than you have done - search the mailing lists for chriscf - not exactly the world's most popular mapper!) and their preference to change the license but it doesn't mean that I need to follow along with it if I don't agree.

New device! almost 8 years ago

OruxMaps, OSMTracker and My Tracks for me.

Interesting GPS camera development over 8 years ago

I noticed this one a while back:

Might be good for diy streetview.

OSM and commercial opportunities over 8 years ago

What do you think is so compelling about waze? Why would anyone contribute to a project just to make money for venture capitalists? For my part of the UK they have just a completely blank map and even the coastline looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old.

Gallumphing through the mud over 8 years ago

Hi - I've added a small section of the Two Moors Way to the relation that I've walked down near the Avon Dam. I do most of my walking in the Winter so I'll try to add some more of the Dartmoor sections over the next few months.

Starcross done over 8 years ago

Cool...If I ride from my area (Torbay) up to Exeter I always go via Starcross and around the back of Powderham. About the only flat miles in South Devon ;->

Just Getting Started about 10 years ago

Thanks Dave, I'll give that a try as well.