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Der Stadtplandienst mit neuer Technik und OpenStreetMap ist online 3 days ago


It is a town map using OSM data showing the different aspects of OSM in overlays.

Have a look and play with it: It shows where OSM could end up eventually and it has been produced by the town's administrators, i.e. the bureaucrats.

Has any town done it better?

Give us your favourite links.

Observations during a HOT task 12 days ago

Thanks to all of you for responding to my observations: You are a wonderful group and all your opinions are, of course, valid.

I did contact the newbies and they did positively respond.

It would be nice if some of the NGOs would give us some feedback on the quality of our efforts but I suppose they have higher priority tasks to do. That is why they are on the spot, sometimes risking their lives!

Observations during a HOT task 13 days ago

The width of the truck tracks were easily visible due to the two tyre markings. Yes, they did disappear under trees now and again but one can assume that if the tracks are identifiable for one sector then they they will carry on underneath the foliage.

IMHO if two vehicles travelling in opposite directions cannot pass each other without one of them going off-road then it should be defined as a track even if the HOT instructions state otherwise!

Paths of about 1 meter width were also identifiable as such and they often connected different homesteads.

On this HOT task, highway width could usually be measured in JOSM.

This is a personal opinion: If you cannot recognise the highway classification then you should default to the lower class.

Please remember that the probability that anyone corrects our HOT data inputs from a survey is pretty remote. These are vast areas with no OSM contributors on the ground.

Another data input which we were asked for was to identify potential helicopter landing pads (near the homesteads) and tag them with leisure=common. No information was available as to the minimum diameter (I asked). It was not possible to judge the slant but that is OK: The pilot has to make his own judgment.

Of course I complied but I don't like the idea of entering data into the database that is wrong. Who is going to remove it? If the HOT team want this information then we should have a special tag for this purpose that can easily be globally removed. What I mean is something like:



It's elegant they said. It will be eaiser to change street names they said. 2 months ago

Like Sanderd17 I see no advantage in using associatedstreet relation and for exactly the same reasons. Get rid of it!

Addressing 2 months ago

I am presently redoing the houses and addresses in my small home town and I am lucky to say that I have it very, very easy compared with you lot.

The NRW-Landesvemessungamt (Germany, North-Rhein-Palitnate Surveying Bureau) have released the vector data and address data to OSM so it easy to check and modify the OSM data accordingly. It is however not always up to date so its usage should be self restricted to those with some local knowledge.

On the other hand I sometimes wonder if it is worth all the effort to enter address data when any cheap navigation device (like my Tom-Tom) takes you point-to-point anyway. Do we really think that the OSM routing data will be any better than that that is now readily available. It happens all the time: Newbies (who we want) come in and change the data and cannot initially see the complex relation data already in the data base. This happens because we cherish the newbies more than we cherish the stored data. i.e. Newbies have priority.

In my humble opinion we should collect data which is useful and not readily available. By this I mean POIs (all of them) with their attributes. Rambling (walking) routes should be another priority, even higher than other routes. This is especially true of holiday destinations.

Of course some of you will disagree. That is fine: Don't worry, just carry on and do it your way and enjoy yourself while doing it.

... 2 months ago

Ich danke auch die Landesvemessungamt für diese Daten. Ich vertrete auch die Meinung von flohoff: Wir in NRW haben diesen Daten auch bezahlt. Also ist eine kostenlose Nützung eigentlich angebracht aber nicht eine selbsverständlichkeit. Ob die anderen Bundesländer folgen werden können wir nur hofen.

Belgian Mapper of the Month: Guy Roman 3 months ago

Change the photo and user name and it would be a description of me except I have been retired for 20 years.

Taglocator 3 months ago

I like it and will definitely use it. In fact I already done. Deleted one confestionary and added a Pizza shop (have to gather the attribute details though). Well done.

key:xmas 3 months ago

I like it. Well done. Could you give me the coordinates!

Walking Papers 8 months ago

To RobJN. Thank you. I was missing something! It worked very well.

Walking Papers 8 months ago

Thanks for the info. However, I could not zoom in enough to add minute details such as paths, doorways, house numbers, post boxes, etc.

Is this a built in limitataion or am I missing something?

Building not visualized. Weird mistake! about 1 year ago

@maxerickson I don't know how you did it but well done: I don't use twitter.

@FraMauro. As maxerickson insinuates the error was readily recognisable in OSMI as shown in this example. It is always advisable to check your work using the OSMI and Keepright.

After all we all make mistakes

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help about 1 year ago

@ رامز Can I assume that Schäuble Michele will take over this task. He seems to have more knowledge than I do.

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help about 1 year ago

This border was last edited by RedFox (Language French). on the 27.Dec.2013.

It was initially entered by Schäuble Michele on the 28.Jan.2008

It would be advisable to contact them first.

If you have no success I'll do it.

Wette gewonnen! about 1 year ago


Although they are not "false positives" they are still errors and have to be corrected so we do agree!

Why the world needs OpenStreetMap about 1 year ago

Very philosophical. Well done!

Wette gewonnen! about 1 year ago


IMHO kann es keine "false positives" bei "beinahe Verbindungen" geben. "Highways" sollten mit noexit=yes getagt werden wenn sie nicht mit einer anderen highway verbunden sind!

Relation EV6 wird in der Radfahrerkarte in Ungarn und Slowakei nicht angezeigt over 1 year ago

It is also clearly visible here:

Motivation for Contributing to OSM over 1 year ago

Yes, I do think that we should raise the bar on newbies' contributions.

Yes, we all make mistakes and most of the newbies learn through their own. We don't want to hinder them in their initial endeavours, or do we?

I have had most of my work changed/improved, most of it good but sometimes not so good. It is usually newbies making erroneous edits because they cannot always see the geometry behind the geographical data.

Relations/Multipolygons/turning instructions, etc. are usually not easily understood by newbies but they can change/mutilate them at will.

When it happens I contact the newbie and it about 50% of the cases I received a positive response, the other 50% just don't answer; reason unknown but I can guess why!

As OSM progresses it is even going to get more cluttered/complicated so IMHO I would expect the OSMF to rethink their present open ended philosophy. I have my ideas but I consider the OSMF to be more competent to debate this issue. Surely that is part of their mandate anyway!

Straßenlistenauswertung over 1 year ago

I agree with your sentiments that the list should be maintained. I have completed D-53359 Rheinbach and it is now 100% correct (I hope). I am not prepared to go to other PLZs and do their work, so the list is no longer of any importance to me and as it is not be maintained I won't look at it again. I think other contributors would agree with my conclusion.

But, as I said, I do agree with your sentiment and pity that it not being maintained.