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closed 250396 SomeoneElse

Is there really no access from the bridleway to the footpath here, given that both are the same side of the hedge? In fact is there really actually a separate bridleway and footpath?

22 days ago 22 days ago
closed 247950

From Barton & Cambridge

27 days ago 27 days ago
closed 212968 lxbarth

Fix labeling - every building is tagged a university where there should be rather one perimeter tagged university with name "University of Cambridge"

3 months ago 3 months ago
closed 124071 SomeoneElse

There are 3 bus stops here - one each side of the road and a new one in the middle of it. I'm guessing that in reality there are only 2.

8 months ago 4 months ago
closed 183388


4 months ago 4 months ago
open 168803

This road is named meadow lane.

5 months ago 5 months ago
closed 144807 SomeoneElse

Is access down here public or private? I thought that it was private (based on walking past the end of the road the other week) but now it appears that there's a footpath leading from the west end of it. Is there actually public access to that?

7 months ago 5 months ago
closed 165725

This is the other end of the marked cycle route from Station Road, Stow-cum-Quy to Horningsea

6 months ago 6 months ago
closed 165724

This path is marked as a bridleway and also with cycle route signs. It goes from Station Road through to Allicky Farm and then on to Horningsea

6 months ago 6 months ago
closed 164041

Corfield Wing and other features labeled here:

6 months ago 6 months ago

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