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Kimbolton and neighbours, Cambridgeshire over 8 years ago

Don't worry, I did have everything I needed to mend it, it's just the frustration of delay getting one, again, in the first place. I've never had much success with tyre sealant. I was on the bus part way anyway (it's a folding bike) because it was too far to cycle to the start point and then spend a day cycling round every street and then back again (it was over 60km just doing what I did, and adding 80km to and from St Neots would have been beyond me, and taken most of the day travelling).

Cambridgeshire (mis-)guided busway and cycle path over 8 years ago

The cycleway isn't finished (or at least, it may be built but it isn't open). The section from Milton Road to Longstanton is going to be properly surfaced immediately following the opening of the busway itself.

I approached the busway team at the county council not long ago for permission to to a complete survey of the guideway before it opens, but we were unable to do this because the whole building project is still in the hands of BAM Nuttall the contractor, so the County can't give permission to access the guideway or cycle track until the contractor releases it. Technically, your survey was trespassing! Certainly you need to mark the whole thing as highway=construction, construction=cycleway for now, and the section south of Longstanton needs to stay that way until the surface is applied.

The contractors hand over to the County Council at the end of October. The bus will start running before the end of November (they haven't announced the exact date yet). The cycleway surfacing should be done by the end of the year (I don't know whether they will open the section north of Longstanton in advance of that, but keeping people off it will be tricky). The Trumpington section won't open until next year, and the cycleway surfacing will also have a delay there.


Little Downham and Mepal, via Coveney and Wardy Hill, Cambridgeshire over 8 years ago

The timed restrictions only apply to one class of user though, and even then only if they don't have permit.

Little Downham and Mepal, via Coveney and Wardy Hill, Cambridgeshire over 8 years ago

But it isn't permissive, it is a public right of way. And the timed restriction with an exception?

Little Downham and Mepal, via Coveney and Wardy Hill, Cambridgeshire over 8 years ago

Indeed it is. I mapped it in May!

Just started over 8 years ago

A common mistake when starting is not joining ways up - they need to be linked at a common node, not just be close together. It's hard to see the difference visually, but it's important for routing applications and the like.

If you're not sure how to tag something, the Map_features page on the wiki may help, but you could also look for another example and see how it has been done elsewhere. The Data overlay is your friend there - on the blue + in the top right of the main map (you can look at it in the editor too, but the Data page saves going back and forth).

More on UK rights of way over 8 years ago

The fact that something is a public document, or prepared using public funds, does not make it not subject to copyright. The local authority has Database Copyright in this information (though they may be more persuadable than OS to let us use their info under the terms of the OSM license), as well as the OS's copyright on the map. I don't think anyone here can give a definitive answer - it would need a test case in court. But copying anything off an OS map, whatever your opinion of it, must be considered a potential copyright issue and therefore not respecting principle of keeping OSM squeaky clean so far as sources are concerned. Frustrating perhaps, but that's why OSM exists in the first place.

Soham and Isleham, Cambridgeshire over 8 years ago

Yes, I didn't go down Clay Street further than the library.

Soham and Isleham, Cambridgeshire over 8 years ago

Not sure where Lion Mill is/was, I may not even have passed it as I basically trusted the coherent chunk you'd done west of the main street. But there were two very new areas of housing that almost certainly have only been accessible in the last few weeks: Cyprian Rust Way, here:
(which has more to come between there and Northfield Road) and Aspen Way, here:

However, I now suspect there may be a small chunk missing at the end of Brewhouse Lane, which I didn't go down thinking it was probably complete, but you'll probably know whether this is the case or not:,52.33256,0.34472,52.33781&layer=mapnik&marker=52.33490,0.34165

Place not found. over 8 years ago

I am indeed working on it, but the first two attempts failed - the size of the data has increased considerably since the last full reload and this is causing a number of new problems.

FirstAccess over 8 years ago


Do you mean how or where? If how, here:

"resave" over 8 years ago

You can check by looking at the Data layer on the main map using the little blue + in the top right corner.

From Chattanooga to Mayfair over 8 years ago

Never heard of Chattanooga? Glenn Miller? -

Routable Commons over 8 years ago

As a follow up, typical example:

Routable Commons over 8 years ago

As people have said, there's differences of opinions. But I'm in the "keep them separate camp" and put the paths in, even if it is only a short way through an entrance - someone will connect it up sooner or later.

There's two reasons, I think, one a point of principle and the other practical: (a) the road way is marking a centre line, and the park boundary does not share that centre line - on a typical 8m wide road with 2m each side of verge and/or footway, the park boundary will be often be 6m or more from the line marked out by the road, and that's a sufficiently large distance to be worth taking into account; and (b) it's much harder to edit ways which are overlaid on each other.

How I manage to do it almost 9 years ago

I usually edit in JOSM in two phases - I add the ways with no tags based on the tracks and then I do the tags from my audio notes. When I do that I first select use 'paste tags' to get a set of basic tags on each way, usually highway=residential,source=survey and name=xx because it's easier to edit an existing tag than add a new one, but it has the side effect that all the ways have 'xx' and I can search for that before uploading to make sure I've not missed one. Of course, I sometimes need to delete that if the name really isn't known or the road has no name.

Railway Tagging almost 9 years ago

Err, what's the problem: railway platforms *are* rendered already on the Mapnik layer:

A Tidy up and more back roads almost 9 years ago

Why not contact the person concerned. The one on Edward Street and on Patrick Street was done by user Rosscoe (use the data layer to find out). Even if the roundabout were correct, leaving the old mini roundabout or even road across the middle can't be.

Amenity and other tags almost 9 years ago

The more you can collect at one go the better, as it saves going back. parking and bicycle_parking are also useful amenities to have recorded.

You might want to consider landuse as well, not least because these areas make for a much more attractive map. Small areas of grass (landuse=grass), parks (leisure=park), recreation grounds (landuse=recreation_ground), allotments (landuse=allotments), village greens in the UK (landuse=village_green), and then retail, office and industrail estates (landuse=retail, landuse=commercial, landuse=industrial). landuse=residential isusually a more blanket larger area.

Here's a typical example area with lots of detail in both landuse and amenties:

Whale of a Fail almost 9 years ago

Are you sure that's what happened. Some recent versions of JOSM (still?) treat a second download (e.g. if you pan and need to bring some more data down) as a collision with your changes, even though you're the only one who made changes.