Downham Market (north), Norfolk, plus Wimbotsham

Posted by davidearl on 23 May 2009 in English (English)

Second trip to the market town of Downham Market between Cambridge and King's Lynn. Firstly dealt with a couple of bits I'd missed in the south last time (including a well hidden nature reserve) and then mostly housing estates north of the town centre, including a vast area of new housing to the east of the main road out towards King's Lynn and another big new chunk near the station. The 2001 census said ~7,000 people but I reckon these new houses must add maybe 3,000, perhaps more - much more than I thought, and partly the reason I didn't have time to complete the town this time - the centre and a small area to the west of Lynn Road is still missing. I'll go back shortly and that will also give me time to do the village of Hilgay, on the way back south towards Ely. I also got a bit sidetracked tot he north with the village of Wimbotsham, which I completed.

Location: Downham Market, King's Lynn and West Norfolk, Norfolk, East of England, England, United Kingdom

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