Godmanchester (Central) and Brampton (West), Cambridgeshire

Posted by davidearl on 1 February 2009 in English (English)

After about 6 weeks without doing any surveying, due to minor ailments and other commitments, got out again yesterday to complete the large village / small town of Godmanchester near Huntingdon. The central bit is a nice change from the housing estates. It's on a branch of the River Great Ouse and the wharf comes right up to the main street.

Having finished Godmanchester, on to Brampton, another large village near Huntingdon, about 6km bike ride away to the north-west of Godmanchester. It's had a bit of work already, but as I suspected from Landsat and the population figure, what was there only scratched the surface. I checked what was already there and then did the large residential section to the west of the village centre. The light and my battery failed at just about the same time and the temperature plummeted so a clear signal to stop, but I think there's less than an hour's remaining surveying to do - the village green and an area to the south and west of the green. A long round trip just to do that isn't worth it, so it looks like I need to find another place nearby to continue with - looks like Buckden a few km to the south is the next likely target.

Location: Godmanchester CP (Hunts), Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, East of England, England, United Kingdom

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