Godmanchester (South) and the Hemingfords (Cambridgeshire)

Posted by davidearl on 22 November 2008 in English (English)

Weather forecast bright and sunny for yesterday, but betrayed: it was lowering clouds and lots of drizzle and rain, not the most pleasant day for mapping. I thought I'd get off the bus before St Ives and bike across NCN51 for a 4 miles or so to continue mapping Godmanchester (a big village just south of Huntingdon), rather than spend another 40 minutes on the bus winding through St Ives and Huntingdon. However as I set of through Hemingford Grey I realised what I thought was a completely mapped small village was in fact a much larger village of which only about 20% was on the map. So I got diverted and mapped that and Hemingford Abbots, including a grade separated junction onto the A14 almost-a-motorway road that had been missed out completely, much to my surprise.

That didn't leave a lot of time by the time I did reach Godmanchester, so I only managed to do the huge distribution depot/industrial park alongside the A14 and a boring large area of new housing on the south-western edge of the village, the kind of place where every street looks the same. Getting dark and wet by 4pm, so time to give up. Bus failed to turn up on the road out of St Ives so had to wait 40 mins in the cold and wet.

So, still another trip required to complete the central section of Godmanchester and then to start on the next large village of Brampton.

Location: Hemingford Abbots CP (Hunts), Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, East of England, England, United Kingdom

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