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open 1185895 Frans S

Attention needed. Other sources calles this a bamboe bridge, just suitable for walking over.

about 2 months ago 2 days ago
open 1237427 daveemtb

Is this really a railway? It appears to be a border fence and parallel road to me. (fence is also tagged on same line. There should really be parallel fence and road ways.

3 days ago 3 days ago
open 1215111 daveemtb

Has business park been demolished yet?

23 days ago 23 days ago
open 1215089 daveemtb

Has the TRL test track been redeveloped yet?

23 days ago 23 days ago
closed 545499 daveemtb

New residential development here needs mapping.

over 1 year ago 26 days ago
open 465127

The old large post office is now:-

(including Cafe area for hot food & drink)

Contact details
EX10 8TP

01395 513331

about 2 years ago 26 days ago
open 993670 daveemtb

I think from memory that the finger posts mark this as a public bridleway - can anyone confirm on the ground?

7 months ago 2 months ago
closed 303428 SomeoneElse

Does really go through the middle of the sea here and does it really have a "name" of "Cumbria Coastal Path", or is that just a description of where it is? It's already part of the relation "Cumbria Coastal Way"

almost 3 years ago 3 months ago
open 979729 daveemtb

Have a feeling there may be a public footpath here - needs checking on ground.

8 months ago 3 months ago
open 1150796 daveemtb

incomplete public footpath.

3 months ago 3 months ago

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