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Public Transport Mapping, why do we add the stop details several times over? 14 days ago

I think stop positions are too much emphasized in the wiki. I try to maintain the public transport stops in Switzerland, and I have a lot of awkward discussions with new mappers who help about how to map them. Too many times I see mapper moving stops from beside the road onto the road, thinking this is the new, correct way to map bus stops.

Your summary also cleared up a few misconceptions I had about the more detailed mapping scheme, thanks :)

I also think using just the node beside the road is the way to go for the simple cases. As gileri mentioned, there are situations that call for more information. Good to have that flexibility to use stop area and stop position in those cases. But using relations for every simple bus stop is is a maintenance night mare for me.

I will worry about shelter, waste basket and route relations after we are up to date with the stops themselves in Switzerland.