The already-started map

Posted by dankarran on 17 October 2007 in English (English)

Over the past few days I had to travel to somewhere I rarely go, so I took a bit of time to do some mapping there at the same time. I got back to my computer to find that actually most of that had already been mapped by somebody else. It's a great feeling when you see that happen as it just helps emphasis how the project is really accelerating in its coverage.

Luckily there were other bits I'd noted down that I could add to that area, so all was not wasted, plus it gives you a chance to verify that existing work. Now if only we had a way of giving thumbs up to data that had been verified by another user...

Location: Rauher Kapf, Böblingen (Stadt), Böblingen, Landkreis Böblingen, Regierungsbezirk Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, 71101, Germany

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