Innsbruck: Hötting, Innenstadt and university campuses

Posted by cxs on 25 January 2011 in English (English)

spent the last couple of days with outlining and addressing buildings in Hötting, Innsbruck; narrow alleyways and idiosyncratic shaped buildings prevent a smooth workflow; still don't got the definite run of the underground stream there; plan to continue mapping in this area.

started with repositioning and reshaping buildings in Innenstadt, Innsbruck due to higher accuracy; completed a few blocks [east of university campus Innrain] so far; is at any rate a long-term issue.

added buildings and pitches on campus of the faculty of sports science in Fürstenweg.

proper addressing of Roßau, Innsbruck still isn't finished yet.

also continued with creating buildings incl addresses in Bodensiedlung, Wörgl; thereby found out that user moserhe4 had done [areas, addresses, houses, POIs] the entire place of Kundl within a few days -- quite amazing work!

going to keep focus on Hötting, will occasionally map in/around Wörgl

Location: Sadrach, Hötting, Innsbruck, Tyrol, 6020, Austria

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