Problems with landuse

Posted by cracklinrain on 20 June 2013 in German (Deutsch)

Actually I am mapping a lot of landuse/natural. Hence I am experiencing several problems and have a lot of suggestions to the tagging of those. Therefor I started to collect some of them at the discussion-page of landuse.

Suggestions to improve the usage of landuse (and related Problems)

landcover might be also important to solve some of these problems.

I am happy about a vivid discussion! Cheers!

Comment from Tom Chance on 20 June 2013 at 18:22

Hello there,

I left a few questions on your list.

My general comment is that with many of your comments you are trying to find a perfect solution for an imperfect, complicated world. You mention the wood/forest tags, which is a classic example where nobody can agree on a definition to clearly distinguish between the two. As you say, how much woodland is there that is really untouched by humans, and how much forest for that matter? The wiki pages do touch on the different ways that people treat them. With our current system of free tagging and consensus emerging from chaos, there is no way to resolve this and proposing new tags only confuses the situation further.

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