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When does share alike kick in? about 1 month ago

I think a few simple cases would really help to understand when share-alike kick in.

Example: You use OSM to geocode some data (used publicly) -> share-alike kicks in

Thanks for last sentence ;)

OpenStreetMap Isn't All That Open, Let's Change That and Drop Share-Alike about 1 month ago

I can agree on some parts of this post and disagree on others, but some of the examples you're using are looking wrong to me.

For example Wheelmap can display OSM POI on whatever basemap, there is no data mix in the process, no problem with ODbL.

The problem we're facing is how to be more open (allowing a mix with public domain datasets) and at the same time prevent massive use of OSM data in non open ways (Google, Apple, etc).

The default licence should keep a share-alike condition, but at the same time on a dataset per dataset basis we should be able to remove that condition when there is a real benefit to the project which in my point of view is not the case in general.

In France we have 2 licence trends in opendata: with or without share-alike.

We're promoting share-alike as it is a benefit for the commons and a virtuous circle.

Ok, this may not fit some business models, but while OSM allows commercial use of the project data, this its not the goal of the project and should become one. Share-alike has not been causing the projet a problem see the large community, the increasing number of reuses, the existing business opportunities around OSM.

OSM value is in its community spending millions of hours creating and improving the data, not in the data themselves. As a contributor, except under some circumstances, I want a guarantee that my work will never be captured, privatized and share-alike is that guarantee.

Le site du candidat Patrick Menucci qui utilise une carte OpenStreetMap sans respecter la license about 2 months ago

Je partage aussi cet énervement récurrent.

Il faut rester vigilant pour ne pas tomber dans une situation de dépendance vis à vis d'un acteur qui devient plus ou moins unique. L'annonce de l'arrêt proche des services de Cloudmade en dehors de contrats "entreprise" n'est pas un bon signe non plus.


OSM in French state open data portal 4 months ago

So far, just a few datasets, most of them thru "live" overpass-api queries. We will add more, the new portal just opened today... so this is just the beginning !