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Brave Mappers of Wherever You Are almost 2 years ago

Great tool! It would be great to see that integrated in a website that would be accessible to every mapper. Extremely useful to organise a local event and find out who has been active in the last few months to contact them first.

Sobre Pucallpa almost 2 years ago

Gracias por hacer esto! Que bien oír de alguien mejorando OSM desde la ciudad de Pucallpa, donde visité a familia hace más de 10 años. Suerte con lo que sigue.

Desde Australia


note almost 2 years ago

Bienvenue et bonne chance pour ce qui suit ! :)

El pardo almost 2 years ago

Cual es el número del "changeset" ? Se puede usar JOSM y un plugin para revertir cambios.

Am I the Only One... almost 2 years ago

Same here, and I just hope it is a good exercise for my terrible memory! :)

New MapRoulette about to be launched! almost 2 years ago

Haha great work at reading the post only partially, myself... Sorry about that! Anyway, another question: any plans for mobile? :)

New MapRoulette about to be launched! almost 2 years ago

Exciting! Thanks for the hard work! Any plans to give challenges to users depending on where the user is? Or is it specifically challenges that don't require any local knowledge to fix? Cheers!

Who to report SPAM in the diaries? almost 2 years ago

Report button would be great indeed.

Intro almost 2 years ago

Welcome, and have a lot of fun mapping!

nommer les rues de Brazzaville almost 2 years ago

Dick Tecktiv, Brazzaville est la capitale du Congo :)

Intro ? about 2 years ago

Hi Warin61

I see you have done quite a few edits already. I you are not in it already, I suggest you join the Australian mailing list for discussions:

Cheers and happy editing!

No more mapping about 2 years ago

Man I know, this is extremely annoying, I sort of give up tracing buildings now too... Have you seen any explanation or news anywhere about that issue? Or any discussion about another imagery supplier with better res available? EdLoach's explanation is the best I have seen so far...

My first diary entry about 2 years ago

Welcome to this new worldwide community! I hope we will make you feel at home! Happy editing to you.

Actualizando Yuncler about 2 years ago

Hola Paskuator!

Gracias por tu contribución. Mire a algunas de tus ultimas, y parece bastante bien. Algo que noté es que algunos edificios deberían tener ángulos cuadrados. En iD puedes hacerlo muy fácilmente usando la tecla S o hagando clic en el icono cuadrado cuando terminas trazando un edificio. Con JOSM creo que se use la tecla Q.

También puedes usar KeepRight, que es una herramienta muy útil para automáticamente encontrar errores potenciales.

Buena continuación!

Report a problem about 2 years ago

It's a shame there is no obvious direct link to this page on the main page. How did you get to it?

First Day of Editing about 2 years ago

Welcome! Enjoy your time here! I also started editing Wikipedia in 2006, and I really started editing OSM only from 2013, so we have kind of a similar history :)

First Edit about 2 years ago

Welcome, enjoy yourself!

20000000 about 2 years ago

Woohooo! This is pretty exciting. Already 60k changesets happened since then. I think it is important enough to make it to the news on the wiki. Do you want to add it?

1000 Edits about 2 years ago

Congrats ! :)

Empresa reciente en openstreetmap about 2 years ago


Este espacio esta dedicado a publicar información relacionada con el proyecto OpenStreetMap. Por favor, no añaden publicidad para su comercio aquí.