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Appli mobile OpenBeerMap disponible sur Firefox OS et Android 15 days ago

Woohoo ! Je vais essayer ça tout de suite, et ça va surement me pousser à mettre à jour les infos des bars où je vais à Brisbane.

Merci !

Upcoming Vespucci 0.9.5 release 17 days ago

Very exciting! Thanks for the hard work! now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe about 1 month ago

Great work Richard, it looks amazing!

I just can't get any tooltips to explain to me what the buttons are for (on Firefox 30.0).

Keep up the great work.

Making OSM more widely known about 1 month ago

Good to read about your experience. I might do just that next time this happens! Good way to advertise!

I don't think mentioning Google Maps is necessary either, as it is not a great thing to be compared to them for different reasons. I believe they are two pretty similar-looking projects but they have different aims and uses.

An alternative to /export about 2 months ago

Great work, thanks for that! We need more of those!

Acer 3ICP7/67/90 Batterie 2 months ago


laser puissant violet 2 months ago


Ya es posible ver las rutas al norte del Perú (actualizado) 2 months ago

Gracias por trabajar sobre el mapa de Perú! :)

mmocake review 3 months ago


First steps in historical OSM analysis 3 months ago

Great, awesome job! If you have a second, can I ask you to do beautiful Strasbourg please? EPSG:900913: 858273.108283,6201011.456994,867235.349848,6207432.167369

I of course understand if you don't have time - and I need to give it a go too! :)

OpenStreetBugs Phase out: Done 4 months ago

Great job, thank you for that! :)

Brave Mappers of Wherever You Are 4 months ago

Great tool! It would be great to see that integrated in a website that would be accessible to every mapper. Extremely useful to organise a local event and find out who has been active in the last few months to contact them first.

Sobre Pucallpa 4 months ago

Gracias por hacer esto! Que bien oír de alguien mejorando OSM desde la ciudad de Pucallpa, donde visité a familia hace más de 10 años. Suerte con lo que sigue.

Desde Australia


note 5 months ago

Bienvenue et bonne chance pour ce qui suit ! :)

El pardo 5 months ago

Cual es el número del "changeset" ? Se puede usar JOSM y un plugin para revertir cambios.

Am I the Only One... 5 months ago

Same here, and I just hope it is a good exercise for my terrible memory! :)

New MapRoulette about to be launched! 5 months ago

Haha great work at reading the post only partially, myself... Sorry about that! Anyway, another question: any plans for mobile? :)

New MapRoulette about to be launched! 5 months ago

Exciting! Thanks for the hard work! Any plans to give challenges to users depending on where the user is? Or is it specifically challenges that don't require any local knowledge to fix? Cheers!

Who to report SPAM in the diaries? 5 months ago

Report button would be great indeed.

Intro 6 months ago

Welcome, and have a lot of fun mapping!