Esk, Samsonvale and Dayboro

Posted by chas66 on 13 February 2010 in English (English)

I uploaded the GPX trace from last weekends 200km Audax ride around Esk in the Brisbane River Valley Qld (The ride was called the Moonlight Wander). Tough ride - lots of hills, and my power to weight ratio just wasn't up to it. Still, completed in time with a couple of hours to spare, finishing in a thunderstorm no less :-) Not many new roads for OSM came out of the trace, just a couple around Haden.

Not much time today, so a drove out to Samsonvale to get some of the missing roads around Kobble Creek. I think I've mostly succeeded in filling in the blanks of the map there, except for Pringles Road had a ford across the creek which I didn't want to risk in my battered old car. So have left Pringles Road as a "fixme" for another day.
The cemetery at the end of Golds Scrubs Lane is odd, a clearing in the nature reserve, right at the lakeside; the council keeps it well trimmed, but there is nothing around there at all (I think there used to be a church and a school before the North Pine Dam flooded the area).

Location: Kobble Creek Road, Kobble Creek, Queensland, Australia

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