Brighton, Queensland, Australia parks - routing and tagging issues

Posted by chas66 on 2 March 2011 in English (English)

I went for a walk around Brighton Qld today. The plan was to add the local parks into OSM, but also to use the Garmin Dakota route feature to wander between them.

Brisbane City Council lists the parks for this suburb here: so I entered the approximate locations into Garmin Basecamp as waypoints, and asked it build a route as a pedestrian between them. Once the route was on the Garmin, I set off. Sadly it seems the route didn't follow the road on the Dakota, (it did in BaseCamp!), Maybe it was in 'direct' mode between waypoints, (and the OSM map loaded on there probably wasn't routable).

Anyway I got the parks, and then had a couple of issues with tagging the three woods that comprise 'Brighton Wetlands' , Pimelea Woods, Dianela Woods and Goodenia Woods.
They shouldn't be tagged as natural=wood because they are managed - which leaves forest.. a little over the top for a city suburb I thought. natural=wetland,wetland=? seemed a better fit, but what to tag the wetland=? as - nothing seemed suitable :-(

In the end I tagged them as Nature Reserves... still not convinced that's correct though.. Any suggestions gratefully received!

Here's a picture of the signage on one of the woods:

OSM map:

Location: Brighton, Redcliffe, Australia

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