Rain and Street name collection Kingston, Qld, Australia

Posted by chas66 on 9 October 2010 in English (English)

Well, it's raining. a lot. In Queensland! I felt it had put paid to plans for a) doing my laundry, and b) strolling around doing some mapping with my new toy the Garmin Dakota 20 GPS.
Or did it...
Laundry was done, due to a friend having a tumble dryer, (not exactly a must have item in Queensland normally - but it saved the day today!), and I also got some mapping in as I drove round with the GPS to correct some "No-Name" street errors around Kingston 4114.

I quite like the Dakota 20, even if the touch screen is pathetic compared to an iPhone, but it's useable.

I do, however, really, really miss the Potlatch option of having the NearMap imagery. I think it got removed last month. Please OSMF and Nearmap, please sort it out; I want Nearmap back. I actually had to walk round a park to trace the perimeter with the GPS today, things were so much easier with Nearmap :-)

I've also just got the OpenStreetMap book by Frederik Ramm and Jochen Topf, so I'll have a read through over the coming days and find out all the things I should already know...

Location: Kingston, Logan City, Queensland, Australia

Comment from BlueMM on 10 October 2010 at 01:12

I too got the Dakota 20 a few months back, any tips on using it for OSM work? Haven't done much GPS trace work in OSM yet...

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Comment from chas66 on 10 October 2010 at 10:41

The Dakota was a cinch to set up really, the only thing I discovered that isn't very well documented, is that you can load lots of garmin format maps onto the sd card in the garmin directory, with any filename you like followed by the .img suffix - previously I thought you could only have one map, I think, and it had to be called gmapsupp.img. So, it seems now you can download lots of garmin map image files from somewhere like cloud made, and load them all on without having to combine them into one file.

Most of the specific settings were cribbed from this setup guide for a garmin etrex legend:
Some settings aren't available or relevant, but it's a handy guide to run through...

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