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closed 212546 SomeoneElse

Does this "road" in the middle of the A1 actually exist? Based on my recollection, it never did (though there was a turn lane here, as the out-of-date Bing imagery here shows). Currently this section is all roadworks, and I suspect that any sign that there once was even a turn lane has gone.

almost 3 years ago 7 months ago
closed 142072 drnoble

Bypass to open on Monday 31 March… though possibly only part of it? Needs survey and updating.

about 3 years ago about 1 year ago
closed 464953 SomeoneElse

There appear to be many imaginary names or names that, if they do exist, are not signded, here. The "London Orbital Motorway" is not the name of the M25, merely a description of it - look at if unsure. What's the source of J21J, J21L, J21AM etc.? These aren't signed on the ground (I spent lots of time sat in a queue on "J21J" a couple of weeks ago and feel sure I would have noticed a road name "J21J". "St Albans By-Pass" is similarly fictional - see for details of that.

over 1 year ago over 1 year ago
closed 224484 SomeoneElse

"THE OLD ROAD" here needs at least deshoutifying; and is it actaully a name or a description of what this once was?

almost 3 years ago over 1 year ago
open 432363 Kizar

en las imágenes de satélite aparecen un montón de carreteras por aquí

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago
closed 205540 shooda

This obvious protrusion should not exist. Am I explaining myself here ?

almost 3 years ago almost 2 years ago
open 432897 c2r

There are collector/distributor lanes here, I added an approximation of them after a site visit last year; however, these have been removed by other contributors. Having driven through recently, I can confirm they are definitely there, but cannot remember exact configuration to re-add them. Someone with local knowledge will need to fix.

almost 2 years ago almost 2 years ago
closed 85756


over 3 years ago almost 2 years ago
closed 250393 SomeoneElse

Does this path really have a _name_ of "Roman Road Singletrack" or is that just a description of what it was?

over 2 years ago over 2 years ago
open 264733 c2r

There are various service roads to garages and courtards to east of Skipps Meadow road. These need a survey. Again, it's on my list to do, unless anyone gets there first.

over 2 years ago over 2 years ago

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