Mapper since: February 08, 2015

Lives in Brussels. Loves OSM and wishes to be a useful contributor. Will gladly participate to meetings of the Belgian mappers community whenever possible.

My typical contributions on the map (as of September 2017):

  • measuring Brussels metro stations to include platforms, stop positions, stairs, footways, elevators and create a geographically-accurate and routable structure. Lines 1, 2 and 5 are fully operational, line 6 is still missing north of Pannenhuis station (surveying is being done). I am currently working on premetro stations along routes 3 and 4.

  • survey of all STIB/MIVB tram and bus stops to relocate them where they really are (1,854 nodes so far, out of 2,271) and migration of all routes to PTv2 standard. The ultimate goal is to honour the standard perfectly, including stop area relations and a full list including stop position and platform nodes after each other, while every route has its route master, so that other applications can rely on OSM data and free themselves from proprietary data providers.

  • adding shops in Brussels city centre and occasionally elsewhere in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • hunting for tagging mistakes on routable objects like roads, foot paths or cycleways (one-way streets with oneway:bicycle=no, streets only for buses, turn restrictions).

  • mapping footways and cycleways in areas I am familiar with.

Everyone makes mistakes now and then; I take great care in respecting standards and not breaking things but should I make something wrong, please inform me.

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