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Addresses almost 5 years ago

Yes of course. I always try and do something that others do for the sake of simplicity.

Layers almost 5 years ago

I thought of a snag with the layer idea, is that you could forget what you had downloaded and add something that was "filtered out" again.

I hadn't actually realised that JOSM could filter data, but I'll have a look.

Speed limits almost 6 years ago

Hello, and thank you for all your comments.

So it seems that speed limits are somewhat up in the air at the moment. Implicitness of tags on features has been a problem from the start of OSM. Whether highway=motorway means oneway=yes used to be a problem (maybe still is), and I suspect maxspeed=* is going to be the next issue.

I have been adding maxspeed=* tags to major roads (non residential) as I find out where their limits begin and end (or at least reasonably close). However, I don't bother adding any tags to ways where the road is the National speed limit. However, I notice the wiki mentioning source:maxspeed, so I may use that with explicit maxspeed on NSL ways.

I realise that most roads won't be passable at the speed the limit is, but I don't see how averagespeed=* could be used.

Speed limits almost 6 years ago

I see. It would be rather tedious to add maxspeed tags to the all the residential roads, it's tricky enough with the other roads.

Speed limits almost 6 years ago

Every single residental road? If so, that does make sense.

I also rather like the idea of toad signs (just kidding).

Skobbler almost 6 years ago

It is good however that people are leaving feedback, because any feedback is better than none. Also, it's good that OSM is being used for things like this, it can only help OSM in the long term.

Fedora package of mkgmap over 6 years ago

It looks like pymedia is not packaged for Fedora yet.

Flash almost 8 years ago

Although I don't like Flash either, there is no reason to use Potlatch.

You could imagine this was even worse before Java was GPLed.

Wikipedia - OpenStreetMap : association requested. almost 8 years ago

The map is made up of prerendered tiles, so having the ability to have different "themes" for each user would add massive strain to the (already over-used) servers. The only way to to this would be setting up your own server. Failing that, modifying the SVG output could be useful.

The Future almost 8 years ago

I've moved it to the middle of the blank(ish) area at

The Future almost 8 years ago

I'm afraid that's on hold now thanks to SuperGordon.

GPS Data Overload almost 8 years ago

It must be impossible for 9000 points to be a Gigabyte without each point having a lot of data logged. Are you sure it was that big?

Directly uploading GPS data as OSM data is frowned upon.

Starting about 8 years ago

Don't worry, after nearly 3 years, it makes sense.

Trail not really showing on "view" tab about 8 years ago

You should use GPX data as a guide as to where ways and nodes should be placed. Do not convert the GPX data to ways, as GPX data is too dense.

UK Postcodes about 8 years ago

The postcodes are from either Free The Postcode, or New Popular Edition Maps

Aberfoyle Park about 8 years ago

I didn't think that Aberfoyle would have Yahoo imagery, but I was thinking of the Aberfoyle a few miles north of Glasgow, Scotland.

Wolverhampton, Walsall (maybe most of northern UK?) about 8 years ago

That's not even Northern England, let alone Northern UK.

How to close an accout ? about 8 years ago

You can't via the site. Pestering an admin will work though.

Changed Arabic into English about 8 years ago

Mkgmap can do this, with an option such as " --name-tag-list=name:en,name,name:ar".

First updates over 8 years ago

"I've been doing a lot of work on address data and positioning with my job, so this sort of tool may be handy for a graphical display. But when Google has a far more accurate map, why use this? I couldn't expect anybody to rely on this as there are still so many major things missing."

The data that Google makes its maps from costs a lot of money, and is very inaccurate.