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closed 82990 Memon

High Street/Trinity Way

over 1 year ago about 15 hours ago
closed 315572 Math1985

Is the Next in part of the Next fashion chain?

about 2 months ago about 16 hours ago
closed 312362 SomeoneElse

I'm guessing that is likely misspelt here (Cemetry instead of Cemetery).

about 2 months ago 1 day ago
closed 335292 SomeoneElse

I'm guessing that here and are perhaps an attempt to draw recycling bins? Perhaps someone local could have a look, or someone familiar with the area could fix it?

12 days ago 3 days ago
closed 322101 Math1985

Is this an ASDA supermarket?

about 1 month ago 3 days ago
closed 309051

Currently the map shows "Birmingham New Road" as two separate roads (Northbound and Southbound).

However, there are cut-outs from "Birmingham New Road" when travelling Southbound down the map to allow traffic to turn right on to "Harvington Road", "Pickrell Road", and the next road further North.

These cut outs also allow you to turn right from these roads on to "Birmingham New Road" (i.e., two-way traffic).

So, these roads should join on to the Southbound Birmingham new Road in addition to the existing connection to Northbound Birmingham New Road.

2 months ago 3 days ago
closed 309054

There is a tiny slip road at the junction here connecting "Birmingham New Road" to "Shaw Road." This bypasses the traffic lights for turning left only and is one-way only (so you cannot go from Shaw Road on to Birmingham New Road via the slip road).

There is similar left-only slip road diagonally opposite for turning left from Birmingham New Road on to Shaw Road bypassing the lights (immediately before where the map has the traffic lights symbol).

2 months ago 3 days ago
closed 306345 SK53

The walls around the day nursery are tagged as barrier=city_wall, a tag meant for fortification style walls. It seems unlikely that this is correctly tagged.

2 months ago 3 days ago
closed 291273

Manor Close.

On the left is St. Michael House.
In the centre is St. Dennis House.
On the right is St. Lawrence House, and at the back is St. Helliers House.

3 months ago 3 days ago
closed 329132

bronze statue of charles blondin somewhere near here

23 days ago 3 days ago

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