Vancouver Winter Olympics

Posted by bri g on 18 February 2010 in English (English)

So what does any decent mapper do when one is working in a new city? Yes you guessed, start checking the map. Vancouver is well mapped, but for a city with a grid there were a large number of short straight roads with tens of nodes which I deemed to be unnecessary ( redundant data ) which I have cleaned up.

And so I have now started adding way points as I pass them on the bus to and from my event site, or as this morning, walking there ( two hours ) . Lots to do and I am just one person, come on team OSM Canada I know you can all do your bit.

On another point can I talk about areas? The whole of the University of British Columbia was and still is tagged as an area - fine no problem, but loading my Garmin HCX with a map derived from an OSM file converted by MKGMAP, it will not allow me to store a way point in a predefined area.

Okay let me explain, if I store the point of exactly where I am that works, but usually I move the pointer to where the data point is, say a post box on the other side of the road, but that is in in an area, so the Garmin says no can do.

My workaround is to store my downloaded OSM and remove the area ( without then uploading ), but I couldn't even store a way point of a golf club building on a golf course. So that is the mild annoyance for today.

cheers bri

Location: Point Grey, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada

Comment from JohnSmith on 18 February 2010 at 04:58

Is it possible to tell MKGMAP to ignore areas, instead of encoding them into garmin format?

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Comment from Vclaw on 18 February 2010 at 11:49

It sounds like it is something about how you are using your Garmin. I can mark points in areas just fine on my eTrex Venture Cx.
Move the cursor to the point you want to mark, then press enter. It should give the option of Save / Map / Goto. Choose Save, and it will mark a waypoint there.

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Comment from LastGrape on 4 March 2010 at 05:13

I noticed your house numbers on/around the UBC. They seem kind of random, are they places you visited or places you passed?

It can be good to add addr:street too. Also if you could get the first and last house of a block you can make a way. Tag the nodes with addr:house_number and then tag the street with addr:street and addr:interpolation=[odd|even|all]

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