Top marks for Garmin UK

Posted by bri g on 1 January 2010 in English (English)

Geo Caching in the Dominican Republic.

I had just landed at the airport and taking the cab to my hotel. Stuck my Garmin HCX out of the window for my first decent trace of the day, about 2Km down the road the battery cover flew off, it must have been secured when I changed the batteries.

A fruitless search for it by the side of the road left a rather unusable Garmin Legend HCX - DUH! That was not the worst part of the holiday, but I will not bore you further dear reader.

A call to Garmin UK on Wednesday, and a very helpful chap said, yeah - 'it isn't an accessory that you can buy but I think I have a spare cover in the cupboard'.

The next day I have a new cover free of charge on my doorstep. Top marks Garmin - thanks again from a very happy OSMer

If you want, next time you are passing, the cover is somewhere on the map ( click 'view' )

Bri :)

Location: Los Cerros, Lomas del Sol, SosĂșa, Puerto Plata, 57100, Dominican Republic

Comment from slashme on 2 January 2010 at 16:47

Ouch!! Almost a very expensive lesson on safe GPS usage, eh? I've got a bluetooth GPS unit for my phone and I used to clip it onto the front of my shirt while biking, but these days I just leave it in my backpack - I'm too scared of it dropping off unnoticed. When I'm in the car, it can be lying in the glove-box and still pick up 10 satellites, so you really don't have to wave them about.

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