Northern Nigeria update Feb 14

Posted by bri g on 2 March 2014 in English (English)

I have been mapping Nigeria off and on, mainly the north, for some years now, my first traces collected 2003-5 using my original yellow Garmin etrex, which I think I recovered some how and uploaded.

The first Yahoo imagery was poor and very low res. Imagine the excitement summer 09 when Kaduna became high res and a small community of OSM mapped the town in a matter of a week or so, incredible.

Skip forward to Bing which has been available the two years or more, and I have done my best to keep up with mapping the main roads and the capital, Abuja of course which has been waiting for a basic map presence on OSM for far too far long.

Three weeks ago, user Frank Salat contacted me having seen my edits. He is working on a project in the country and has collected extensive GPS traces of his travels, and also converted those into shapefiles.

Frank has uploaded those GPS / GPX traces up to OSM which is fabulous, and I have been loading his shapefiles into JOSM to cross check where OSM has detail, and where we don't adding it with the help of the GPS traces and the Bing imagery ( which seems to have been added to recently in this region. )

Frank let me know the nature of the work he was conducting in Nigeria, work that is vital and relies on good maps to show ready access to remote villages throughout this extensive area.

The last three weeks have seen some of my most concentrated mapping for some time, I have been concentrating on primary, secondary and tertiary link roads.

The towns would really benefit from some extensive armchair mapping so for all those with a little time on their hands....

Thanks to Frank for the data upload to OSM, may there be more to come. I hope he and his project can continue to benefit from OSM.

Bri G

Location: ABU Ring road, Samaru, Sabon Gari, Kaduna, Nigeria

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