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closed 869385 TobyMG

Map says towpath is blocked by a fence here. Could someone local confirm if this is the case. It seems unlikely.

4 months ago 5 days ago
open 992918 blackadder

There is a new roundabout leading to new housing estate here

16 days ago 14 days ago
closed 822704 CHF_73_UK

Sea Bank Car Park. Public car park. Free.

5 months ago 16 days ago
open 979408 blackadder

The place has gone or never existed. This is an auto-generated note from MAPS.ME application: a user reports a POI that is visible on a map (which can be outdated), but cannot be found on the ground. User comments: "Bank closed. Atm removef" (OSM data version: 2017-03-28T20:59:03Z) #mapsme

29 days ago 29 days ago
closed 941986 blackadder

Oakville Holiday Inn (OSM data version: 2017-02-15T16:20:03Z) #mapsme

2 months ago 2 months ago
closed 272775 blackadder

Road name required

over 2 years ago 3 months ago
closed 746940 Robert Whittaker

Are there some shops between Iceland and the Red Lion that are yet to be mapped? FSA Food Hygiene Ratings Database lists a florist "Starlings of Swaffham" at 85 Market Place, which would be somewhere here.

8 months ago 3 months ago
open 900291 blackadder

There is a new base access off Swaffham Road or some other RAF facility under construction (noted Feb 2017). Needs ground survey.

3 months ago 3 months ago
closed 434851

There should be a bus stop here.

over 1 year ago 3 months ago
closed 110690

Moved from OSB ID626555:
this road is gritted [NoName, 2012-01-14 22:20:24 CET]

over 3 years ago 3 months ago

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