Some more dragons slain

Posted by blackadder on 10 June 2008 in English (English)

I've just completed a mega edit session from my two days in the blistering heat that was the Durham Mapping Party last weekend. Awesome mapping and some great real ale at £1.50 a pint at the end of the first day, doesn't get much better than that! While the others, who were on foot, focussed on Durham itself I headed out both days with the bike to the east of the A1(M) managing to complete the following villages and hamlets in the two days (in order of doing them): Saturday - Belmont, Shadforth and Carrville. Sunday - Ludworth, Haswell Plough, Haswell, Sherburn Hill, Sherburn and High Shincliffe. Some of NCN route 14 also got added, as well as some tidying up on the way in and out of Durham. Stopped overnight on Saturday at a very pleasant small camp/caravan site just of the A181, Strawberry Fields. Thanks to Gregory (Living with Dragons) for setting it up and getting everyone organised. More on his blog at: and

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