SOTMUS 2014 Day 1 Notes

Posted by benbhsu on 13 April 2014 in English (English)

(unedited except for formatting. hopefully these will mean something in the future)

Intro to OSM Morning Session

  • anything that stays the same is mapped
  • started by people walking around with GPS devices, now large TIGER data imports
  • local knowledge is most important - priority over tracing aerial imagery (Bing imagery)
  • discussion is over mailing lists -
  • - which tags are most popular
  • osm2pgsql -> postgis -> tilemill
  • - open source javascript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
  • - map tutorials
  • - visualize osm changes

Implementing Change in OSM - @jfire

  • OSM community building
  • Loss aversion
  • Status quo bias
  • Building compassionate communities in tech - watch
  • Work in the open - build trust, get expertise
  • Work incrementally
  • Over communicate - clearly explain objectives and benefits - not the same as being verbose - simple explanations are better
  • Perfect is the enemy of much better than what we have now
  • Be patient

Engaging the OSM community: NYC Govt DOITT

  • Addressing in NYC
    • No central authority
  • Why not crowdsourcing
    • Problematic workflow
    • Limited staffing
    • Discrepancies between official record and reality
    • Another set of eyes, engaged community
    • Local Law 11 - put all city data in public domain by 2015
  • Open data to wider audience, improve data, engage community
  • Used by 311/911
  • Lessons learned
    • Involve local community
    • Accuracy should prevail
    • Metadata can always be improved
    • Data model confusing
    • Constructive feedback is great
    • NYC addressing is a challenge

Meeting in Person - Kathleen Danielson

  • Getting people into the same room to drink beer and do nerdy things
  • Why does meeting in person matter? Diverse interests, mapping is solitary, help the project
  • Community health
    • Mailing lists can be unhealthy/unconstructive discourse
    • Building real world connections can help
    • Bottom-up approach to global community building
  • Find mappers, find something to do, find a way to keep it going
  • ito OSM mapper
  • Pascal OSM Contributor's map
  • Meet your community where they are (IRC is not for non-tech people, use Meetup, Facebook, etc.)
  • Reassess - what your community needed before may not be what they need now
  • Social meetups - "Mappy Hour", Maptime, Editathons
  • Connect with other groups - environmental, tech
  • Do not try this alone - burn out
  • Avoid burnout - co-organizer, ask for help, what kind of schedule can you support?, make sure it's fun, take a break if needed

OSM in the Classroom - Richard Hinton, Nuala Cowan

  • DOS Humanitarian Information Unit
  • Why is OSM in the classroom different?
    • Equitable work volume for each student
    • Track/grade
    • Prevent overlap (Tasking Manager)
    • How to grade?
  • Instructor prep
    • identify area of interest
    • generate workable grid
    • decide workload for students
    • develop a rubric
    • track activity using Overpass Turbo
    • Mapathons
    • Show me the way visualizing
Location: Chinatown, Southwest Waterfront, Washington, District of Columbia, 20004, United States of America

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