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OSM Contributor Analysis - Entry 2: Annual Summaries of User Edits over 1 year ago

This is really useful, thanks! It allowed me to solve some mysteries, for example, there was an account named "lks1" which did a ton of edits in west-central Poland, but then they suddenly disappeared. Using this tool, I was able query that area of Poland, to find that the account is now known as "lks1[konto usunięte]", i.e. lks1[account deleted].

What's up with the Rann of Kutch? over 1 year ago

Alan, I'm the main guy who probably did the most work on the Rann of Kutch, including carefully putting the wetland tag over all the land area which, judging from Bing imagery, is sometimes underwater (the very definition of wetland). It's a hard problem but I'm proud of what I managed to get done.

As for "Here's what it looks like now", the pictures you show are of mapnik's zoom level 9, and that rendering doesn't even show wetlands at all until zoom level 10. You don't have to do a overpass turbo query to see the wetlands, just zoom in one more step.

As for "doesn't look very well mapped", I think your issue is with the default mapnik rendering. It is pretty well mapped.

As for wetland=saltmarsh, I'm not sure it adds much information over just natural=wetland, but that sounds fine by me as an additional tag, feel free to add it.

HOT mapping initiatives over time over 1 year ago

MapLesotho is going strong, lots of commits continuously since it began, including open HOTOSM tasks seeing heavy editing until last week. Not sure why the chart shows MapLesotho ending in Jan 2016?

"Urban India" mappers? over 1 year ago

Wow! Thanks Muralidhar, that explains it. I am delighted to learn about Zippr and its mapping efforts, thank you and your very impressive team!

That said, I would recommend that your dedicated cartographers (like saikumar) put at least a brief sentence on their account page linking to Zipper, just like Mapbox mappers (like ramyaragupathy) link to Mapbox.

About Huts almost 2 years ago

@MKnight Indeed Shift-Y, I've corrected it above. Apparently my fingers know it perfectly, but my higher brain not always :)

@SomeoneElse The only "benefit" to going along with community practice is that people are happier, I don't have to respond to dozens of messages on HOT tasking manager telling me my 1-node huts are "wrong" and "please read the instructions". Most of OSM is based on rough consensus and there's a limit to how much energy I want to put into arguing about tagging or other practices; it's "pick your battles" and otherwise just go along.

About Huts almost 2 years ago

It's almost always "too many" poorly placed nodes, but just now I found a rare example of "too few":

too few

I'm guessing this newbie apparently considered nodes and ways so precious that they attempt to cover multiple huts with a single minimalist blob :) and yet they still manage to create bad overlaps and self-intersections. I want to applaud their urge to model efficiently... but I'm still stuck slogging thru cleaning this up :)

Japan in OSM - The whole picture about 2 years ago

The link is broken ("@Rub21 made a script") to Where is this script?

Cleaning up NHD in North Carolina about 2 years ago

@gormo Thanks for pitching in on SC. Your cautious approach, to avoid deleting waterways is generally good OSM practice. That said, sometimes its very obvious that a pond/stream has been destroyed and replaced with a shopping center or golf course. I have no issue with removing/updating the clearly non-existent waterways; you could do that (or place notes).

@SK53 I feel very comfortable with the waterway tags. I understand the ditch/canal distinction the same as stream/river, only with artificial waterways. In either case, the crossover is around 3 meters of visible water / potential water area. Both ditch/canal and stream/river have some intermediate-sized ones that could go either way. I understand "drain" as a ditch which is so skinny that it has little or no visible/potentially visible water. Practically every artificial waterway in NHD is a ditch or drain; there are really very few canals, even ones with "Canal" in their name like the Denver "High Line Canal" which is definitely a ditch by OSM's definition.

In other parts of the world (like Sudan and India) they have vast expanses of canal-sized irrigation waterways; I haven't come across much of that in the USA at all.

I too spent some time on the Colorado Basin, especially in the Grand Valley, starting around the town of Mack and working my way south-east; I got only part way to Grand Junction, fixing the NHD (mostly changing "canal" to ditch/drain and applying intermittent=yes to nearly every stream). That task is unfinished :|

Cleaning up NHD in North Carolina about 2 years ago

@imagico you wrote about "projection distortion" and "scale independent". AFAICT, JOSM already does this correctly. In fact while I was writing my Osmium-based simplification test code, I spent hours looking at the (many!) ways to approximate displacements, but finally just adapted the code directly from JOSM itself ( translating from Java to C++. (See all the geodetic stuff in there about EARTH_RAD and "Aviaton Formulary v1.3")

As for river/stream classification, among all of NHD's many issues, I haven't seen much trouble with that (the classification usually roughly matches the imagery, at least), but I have seen some NHD in western Colorado where all the ditches/drains came in as "canal", that was clearly wrong.

@SK53 I apologize for "decimation" as jargon, not so much from GIS, more from computer graphics (my background). At least I managed to avoid calling them LODs :)

A Mapper in the Spotlight: Dave Swarthout (USA/Thailand) about 2 years ago

Hi AlaskaDave, you mentioned the Susitna River and that got me interested in it... first I looked at the "Little" Susitna, I saw you had done some work on that... I made a relation for the whole course:

For the "Big" Susitna, I found the relation you had already begun ( so I filled it in to connect it from source to sea, smoothed some of the PGS river islands, added riverbank along the upper reaches, added tributary streams, etc.

Starting with OSM Mapping: Mapping my hometown, Jorhat about 2 years ago

I saw the Mapbox blog post and was inspired to spend some time armchair mapping Jorhat this evening, added hundreds of more details, mostly in the area around the town. I can only add geometry tho, so someone local needs to fill in the names!

Missing Roads - The Missing Manual about 2 years ago

It's working great for me; i added roads it found in a few places. At least one place was quite dramatic, the entire large town of Cortazar, Mexico, entirely missing from OSM; i added just a bit of it.

My only feedback on the plugin is the red circles, they jump around quite oddly, sometimes they just vanish for no clear reason. When i do get one to stay steady, i can zoom in and find the tiles. Perhaps this is just a result of the clustering algorithm being used. In that case, perhaps the clustering could be a little finer-grained (more points, less clustering) so it isn't so jumpy.

Did somebody delete Hyderabad, India? over 2 years ago

Thanks for the great work everyone, I see Hyderabad is back on the map. I also refreshed the main site's cache so it appears on zoom levels 7-12. It's even showing up in Nominatim - that was fast!

I am wondering about setting up some kind of process to get notified when someone deletes or commits a change anywhere to a place=town or place=city. We could catch this sort of thing more quickly and not have to wait for someone to stumble across it.

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? over 2 years ago

Thanks @EdLoach, I've noted that you are not a bot :) That's great details on your wiki user page!

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? over 2 years ago

@PurpleMustang I would say that CanvecImports has made more than "a dent" with noderank #3 :) and your main account is also impressive.

@joost schouppe Thanks for the props to lodde1949, I've added that note.

@DaCor I've added you now :) I would have found you sooner if you showed up as recently active on (not sure why not).

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? over 2 years ago

@Stalfur, there should be an award for "most disparate places", I cannot imagine two countries less alike than Iceland and Botswana! There is user "ulil" who has done a lot of work in exactly two countries: Paraguay and Georgia, and "mindedie" Lithuania and Hokkaido.

Top OSM Rank: Who are these crazy, amazing people? over 2 years ago

@ViriatoLusitano, that's one of the first things I found, Katpatuka is truly a superhuman :) I think he almost-singlehanded put the countries of Turkey and China on the map :)

@naoliv, BlendPoints was just an experiment to combine node rank and way rank (weighted equally) into a single value, on a scale of 1-1000. I think it actually tells less than looking at the node and way ranks separately.

@Skippern, you can be proud of the extensive work you've done along the coast above Rio de Janeiro! You can sort by the "Where, What" column to see all the other main contributors to Brazil.

(Actually) fixing the Peoria GIS import over 2 years ago

@Nakaner, it's not that bad. Really all that was wrong was the building tags, and excessive detail on the woods. The building geometry is actually very high quality and perfectly aligned to Bing, and since most of the buildings that existed in 1997 still exist today, it's perhaps 99% accurate.

@JBacc1, I agree. Perhaps import procedures have gotten better since 2010? In particular, people are usually better about decimating data, I don't see extremely excessive nodes very often... except sometimes... I should write another entry about that big subject.

New mapping addict almost 3 years ago

Hi Jimmy, welcome to OSM. I took a look at Launceston; it's a pretty large area. I started to work in the southern part, Prospect Vale and the area S of Meander Valley Road. Is there any particular part of the Launceston area that could use some attention from those of us who are advanced armchair mappers?

Come work on #MissingMaps with me! about 3 years ago

Hi SDavies, you're probably right. E.g. I contributed to and rapidly found myself the only person doing that one, too.

BTW, I took a stab at Project 727 just now and filled in the last few tiles to get to 100%. Yay!