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Subway Routing in Maps.Me 3 months ago

Follow-up: Nearly all of the Chicago stop_area relations did include a station, either as a node or a way, but most of them were missing a "subway=yes" or "station=subway" tag. Adding one of those tags seems to satisfy the validator.

Subway Routing in Maps.Me 3 months ago

Mea culpa. I thought I'd added the stations to the stop_area relations, but clearly I haven't. Thanks for sticking with me.

Subway Routing in Maps.Me 3 months ago

Thanks, @AgusQui, that helps. I suspected that was the case, but wanted to make sure. Most of the Chicago subway network is elevated, so the stations can be conveniently represented as buildings. That seemed allowed under the Public Transport schema at the time, so that's what I did. If I need to replace all the stations mapped as areas with nodes, I can do that, but it'll have to wait until I have some time to sit down and do it.

Subway Routing in Maps.Me 3 months ago

Any assistance with my questions above? Again, I'm happy to do clean up work in Chicago where it's required, but I'm having trouble interpreting the error messages returned by your validator.

Subway Routing in Maps.Me 4 months ago

Could you help me understand the warnings produced by the validator? I've done a lot of work over the years on the Chicago L and it follows the PTv2 tagging--at least to my imperfect understanding--but your validator still throws a lot of warnings.

For example, take the "stop node XXXX is not connected to a station" warning. The stop_position nodes in the Chicago network are all part of stop_area relations that include a station. Is this warning being produced because the station is mapped as an area rather than node?

I also don't understand this specific warning (currently in the validation page): Route has no stops (relation 2400823, "Yellow Line: Howard to Dempster-Skokie")

That relation contains stop_position nodes with the "stop" role. What's triggering the warning?

I'd be happy to improve the metro mapping in Chicago, but some better documentation of your tools would be really helpful.

The first 30-day challenge: retrospective about 4 years ago

Yes, thanks for the recap. If nothing else, this contest provided an interesting opportunity to see the various techniques people used to make edits, and score points. I guess I'm kind of proud to be at #9, considering I spend most of my editing time in iD.