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Quezon Ave - Araneta Ave Underpass Now Open but... over 5 years ago

i edited the underpass earlier today to reflect it's northbound end prohibits right turns from the Sto Domingo (minor routing error common with dual-carriageways)

i passed be last night. have yet to pass on the ibabaw portion where i need to turn left from quezon avenue to araneta going to Sta mesa

looks like jeepneys and buses clog the ibabaw, undisciplned drivers create traffic as always

hi-res imagery for Leyte and problems with OSM :( almost 6 years ago

thanks for all replies...have yet to act on this one

maning, BONG missed Ormoc, of all cities there :( have an upcoming trip to Palompon and explore calanggaman island

the good and bad of open/closed source

perhaps we can issue standards/guidelines on street tagging plus the reasons why. it's more of map zooming and routing priority for me :P

OSM Potlatch2 bug or Chrome? over 6 years ago

seav, yeah. did that yesterday indeed corrected the problem. and was able to update batangas city already. thanks

OSM Browser Woes almost 7 years ago

alexz, it's Adobe flash causing the problem with Firefox, I tested it, see here:

ian, use google chrome for now to avoid crashes :P

Preparing to get "Lost" in Paranaque almost 7 years ago


it's not it still. i've added the POI. the map of my friend indicated don lauro avenue but it's on conglomerate per OSM. she's been there so probably correct or a stretch is really don lauro avenue

the POI is here
i will update my map tomorrow and use to route but i don't think there'll be routing problems too as i've been to that area before but not to the church

thanks for the help, i didn't expect someone to reply to this post :P

Preparing to get "Lost" in Paranaque almost 7 years ago

sdoerr, it's a different church in las pinas yet same name...thanks anyway...there's always a "call a friend" option :P

Paete Map: OSM vs RG almost 7 years ago

with a high certainty, yes. I remember it as a snapshot of the earlier version of OSM paete map. Gimena St, an alley where my i grew up doesn't have a street sign and it's also on RG, google released hi-res satt image a few months ago and their online map is different (yet full of errors)...but then again the benefit of the doubt :(

West Avenue, QC almost 7 years ago

seav, yes, lots of car repair shops there. i pass by the segment from del monte up to quezon avenue daily but as you know I'm always in a hurry :P

roosevelt too has shops, alternatives to banawe with lots of hooligans

how i wish gas would go back to P40/liter so i can cruise or idle more :P

missing U-turn slots on EDSA near SM and Trinoma about 7 years ago

tough luck. tried to find out who but can't find it. tried to add again two of four but got error in saving changeset data...the u-turn slot in front of sm annex is off by about 50 meters too, it's been moved to a new location

Sampaloc and Quiapo, Manila about 7 years ago

maning, the former routing engineer in me came alive with OSM :P want to perfect routing so the next time wifey goes astray, she can rely on OSM to save her day...
so far, QC and Makati's doing well, will again check Manila.

Garmin Routing Algorithm? about 7 years ago

vclw, garmin nuvi 1300 here for car and fuel savings config. i do use mapsource but noticed the route calculations different from the nuvi even if they're both from garmin :(

Garmin Routing Algorithm? over 7 years ago

thanks for all your replies, i will look closely at this to get a better picture of the algorithm where road class, distance, max speed, lanes, and other factors come into play to compute the "best" route.

as much as i want to make it tweakable, garmin has its proprietary algorithm that i can't tweak (like what I used to do to my telco/ISP Internet routing table to optimize)

my example: MacArthur Highway is a trunk linked to EDSA, another trunk but it's a low way.

SCTEX and NLEX are both tollways connected by a link road (not sure of the croad class) to MacArthur and EDSA and much faster. (@maning, after turning to SCTEX the routing's perfect from there)

I just wish there's a software simulator for tests like this though :P

my first turn restriction over 7 years ago

i didn't fully understand your relations but i checked again using the show/hide and indeed of them is incorrect. already corrected and I hope it's really corrected...thanks for the help

my first turn restriction over 7 years ago

i added a new restriction to the other corner, you may be referring to that one. can you please check? thanks

my first turn restriction over 7 years ago

zartbitter, i only added one restriction, westbound buendia to tordesillas. the other there is already existing when I "arrived" there. anyway, will have it corrected

intentionally got "lost" from QC to Makati over 7 years ago

alexz, so it's with potlatch2...i will explore it later. I can see the turn restrictions on potlatch but can't create/edit at least it's now with potlatch 2...lazy me hehe

intentionally got "lost" from QC to Makati over 7 years ago

hmmm...i will try it one of these days particularly the buendia/tordesillas corner to check then i'll let you know. i will also learn JOSM, but my lazy side's preventing me. it's also been a while since i booted Matte to linux (Matte: my dual-boot notebook)

QC to East Floodway, Cainta routing's perfect over 7 years ago

you're right. only the main access road is there. I will add the road network later plus the clubhouse, pool, parking and clusters

lostin ortigas over 7 years ago

seav, pearl drive is a one way street but not tagged correctly. just remembered it because of your comment :P

Osmena and Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge routing error over 7 years ago

was able to test this today and there's a slight error still for mabini is under makati-manda bridge and not directly linked to it. will check tomorrow